After doing a review of EPCOT, of Animal Kingdom, of Magic Kingdom, now it´s time to do the Disney Hollywood Studios review at Walt Disney World Orlando and complete the tour of the four parks.

If you are planning on a visit to Walt Disney Orlando you should not miss this park. Maybe I am biased beacuse of my TV & Film background, but Disney Hollywood Studios is so much fun, as you can go behind the scenes in the making of films and see what is like to be doing blockbusters.

In this Disney Hollywood Studios review I will list ten things you will certainly enjoy when visiting.

disney hollywood studios review tower hotel

Twilight Zone´s Hollywood Tower Hotel in Disney Hollywood Studios.
Photo Credit: Dayana Barrionuevo.

1- The Hollywood Tower Hotel

It is a thrilling experience that will have you suspended in mid-air and then freefall time and again. Based on Rod Serling´s uber classic The Twilight Zone, this is a long time attraction at the park and one you will most certainly enjoy. Good thing about Hollywood Studios is that there are shorter lines and in this one twenty or so people at a time can enter, and also probably for this one you could use the FastPass. Another interesting thing is that you could look for the crafty details while on the line… and even spot a couple of those sneaky Hidden Mickeys.

2- Lights, Motor, Action Car Show

So much fun. Also a huge amount of people can watch the show at the same time, so as long as you are there on time, you won´t have to do long lines as the amphitheatre can hold a couple thousand viewers. In it you will see how films prepare for car chase scenes and how stunt drivers follow choreography during those scenes. You will be certainly amazed by the talent.

3- The Special Effects Machinery

You can catch a little train that will take you on a tour through the park where you will experience first hand several big special effects, and even have you interact with the horror and disaster scenes. You will feel the heat when you watch an explosion and you will get a bit wet when you watch a flooding of the subway.

4- The Behind the Scenes

That same train goes through BTS parts that may look as just uninteresting stuff for the untrained eye, but if you look close enough you will be able to tell how that FX machinery we mentioned works.

5- The Beauty and The Beast

Another amphitheatre attraction as you will be able to sit, pcik up some nachos, hot dogs or something and relax for a forty minutes musical that retell the story of Belle and the Beast. My advice is to do this one at the halfway point of your visit as to also use it as a pit stop.

6- The Aerosmith Rollercoaster

No Disney theme park can be experienced without a little thrill and adrenaline; so here you have a big and fast rollercoaster that will have you on a “limo” with Aerosmith, listening to their songs and going through a lights out ride. This is the only place in this park that you will have to endure to long lines and waiting, but the waiting is while listening to Aerosmith tunes, so not bad…

7- A Journey through a century of film history

disney hollywood studios review movies ride

“A Spectacular Journey into the movies” at Disney Hollywood Studios.
Photo Credit: Dayana Barrionuevo

A ride honoring the history of movies, or as they call it “A Spectacular Journey into the movies”. A sit down and relax ride in which you will laugh, smile and get emotional while going down memory lane into all the classics. A must for any film buff.

8- The Jedi training school

Even though the Star Wars land is yet to start its construction and won´t be ready until 2018 (When I will HAVE to go back) you can still experience a bit of it with your kids in the Jedi training school, and see some of the important characters of the saga.

9- Merchandising´s a bit different

In this park, as it is mainly about film and TV you will find some autographed memorabilia if you want to purchase, or at least you can take a look around.

10- Honey I shrunk the kids

It is a park for the little ones themed according to the 80s film. Of course if you have little kids you will spend more time in there, but it is a nice walk through even if you are an adult.

All in all a great experience and a well spent day when you visit. I hope this Disney Hollywood Studios review is helpful to you, and let me know if I can answer any questions you may have.

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