glee-quotes-recap-spoilers-silly-love-songs-valentines-day-episodeAnother great installment of Glee, with a lot of emotion, following the Superbowl episode, and a great harvest of awards. On the episode called Silly Love Songs, Valentine´s Day themed Love is in the air at McKinley High when the glee club sets up a kissing booth for Valentine’s Day. Things don’t go as planned, however, and hearts end up getting broken.

Best Quotes from Glee S02E12 – Silly Love Songs

Puck: You can´t choose love, love chooses you

Puck: What went down in that janitor room was kind of epic

Lauren: These candies you gave me, they suck
Puck: But you ate all
Lauren: I had to make sure they all sucked

Do you think it´s too much to sing something to a guy on Valentine´s Day?

Mercedes: Don´t act like you want to give out to Glee club, you just want to kiss a bunch of girls
Santana: I have kissed Finn, not worth a buck

Lauren: I need to be woowed, you understand me?

Kurt: It´s nice to be around girls for a change

Quinn: Fine, right after Glee rehearsal I´m kissing Finn

Rachel: I don´t care about Puck, I don´t care about anyone but you

Finn: Just because I can´t be with you doesn´t mean I don´t believe in you

Brittany: That´s my man even if his legs don´t work

Santana: I´m sort of the bitch, but I´m willing to change

Puck: Please go out with me, please

Sam: Wait, I want to see this
Finn: Pervert
Sam: I am going to chaperon and I´m also the boyfriend

Santana: How is this possible, I am the hottest piece of action in this school, and I´m here single

Santana: I know how cheating looks like, I do it all the time

Puck: What is this place?
Lauren: The library

Puck: I sang you a song
Lauren: An offensive song

Lauren: I like your style Puckerman

Finn: You will have to choose eventually

Kurt: I thought the guy you wanted to ask out on Valentine´s Day was me
Blaine: Wow I am really clueless

Kurt: So it´s like When Harry met Sally, but I get to play Meg Ryan

Mr Schue: That was powerful… Maybe too powerful

Quinn: I cheated twice in my life. First time I got pregnant, second time I got mono

Songs from Glee S02E12 – Silly Love Songs

The male members of New Directions (led by Puck) perform Queen’s “Fat Bottom Girls.

Artie and Mike perform Michael Jackson’s “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing).

Blaine and The Warblers sing Robin Thicke’s “When I Get You Alone.”

Tina sings “My Funny Valentine” by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart

Rachel sings Katy Perry’s “Firework.”

Kurt and The Warblers perform Billy Joel´s Silly Love Songs

Recap from Glee S02E12 – Silly Love Songs

Recap by Mike Saros

Open with Puck upset at himself for having a crush on Lauren. It turns out she wasn’t into the fooling around when they did a “Seven Minutes in Heaven.”

Finn might still have feelings for Quinn and is thinking of ways to get her away from Sam. If he can get her to kiss him again he believe he might have a shot.

Blaine tells Kurt there is a person he’s known a short while for whom he’s starting to have feelings. He wonders if signing a valentine is okay. Kurt clearly hopes Blaine is talking about him.

This week’s theme is love and Will wants the kids to pick a partner and sing to them what they believe to be the world’s greatest love song. Finn says he’s going to host a $1 kissing booth to raise money for Glee and this leads to an argument where the entire club rips Santana for being mean.

Puck asks Lauren if she’ll go to Breadsticks with him on Valentine’s Day but she tells him he’ll have to try harder to woo him.

During an emergency meeting of the Warblers council Blaine tells the guys he’s in love. He asks the group to help him serenade this person “off-campus.” This is a huge request because the group hasn’t performed in public in more than 80 years. Kurt tell the rest of the guys he thinks there is some benefit to playing in public.

Rachel and Mercedes point out to Kurt that Blaine probably isn’t talking about him. Rachel is planning to dominate Finn’s kissing booth. The girls want Kurt to scope out the guy Blaine actually likes. Mercedes thinks they both should focus on singing more than boys.

The male members of New Directions (led by Puck) perform Queen’s “Fat Bottom Girls.” Afterwards, Puck said the song was dedicated to her. She said it made her feel like crap.

Quinn tells Finn she won’t kiss him again.

Sam seems very jealous of Finn. He even questions why Quinn didn’t pay for one kiss at Finn’s booth. She says she will kiss Finn later.

Finn gives Rachel a kiss on the cheek at the booth and she’s furious. She admits to still being in love with him and he gives her a present he ordered before they broke up. It’s a star necklace. He says she’s a star and thinks it makes sense for them to be alone for a while.

After complimenting each other having two of the best girlfriends in school, Artie and Mike perform Michael Jackson’s “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing).”

Lauren and Santana get into a fight. Santana doesn’t fare well. Puck begs her to go out with him and she says she’ll consider it if he makes a formal presentation.

Quinn gets a kiss from Finn (with Sam watching) at the booth. Fireworks go off for both of them, but she plays it off like no big deal. She then sneaks back and tells Finn to meet her the following day in the auditorium.

The guy Blaine likes is a Gap employee named Jeremiah. The Warblers help Blaine serenade him at work with Robin Thicke’s “When I Get You Alone.” Afterwards, Jeremiah tells Blaine he’s been fired. He adds that nobody at his work knew he was gay and it would matter anyway since Blaine is “underage.”

Santana figures out Quinn and Finn have something going on behind the scenes. She kisses a kid with mono to get his germs and then goes to Finn at the kissing booth.

Puck finally gets Lauren to agree to dinner with him for the night before Valentine’s Day.

Quinn and Finn meet-up in the auditorium. Before they start to fool around she points out they’re cheating. She thinks she loves Sam but isn’t sure, which is why she won’t dump him yet. They kiss.

Kurt tells Blaine he thought he was the guy Blaine wanted to ask out. Blaine says he’s never been anyone’s boyfriend. Neither has Kurt. Blaine says he’s not good at romance and doesn’t “want to screw this up.” Kurt has a suggestion for something they can do on Valentine’s Day.

Puck gets stood up by Lauren and fools around with a waitress.

Finn kissed every girl in school. He seems sick. Tina sings “My Funny Valentine” and begins to sob. She collapses on the floor, overcome with love. Both Finn and Quinn start to feel ill. Santana gleefully point out that it’s probably mono, a disease that probably wouldn’t be passed by a peck at a kissing booth.

The nurse tells Finn and Quinn they have mono. Quinn tells him nothing can happen between them until they figure things out with Sam and Rachel.

Puck tells Lauren he likes her for being a badass. She says she’s not looking for someone to fool around with and wants to take it slow. She agrees to see him on Valentine’s Day “as friends.”

Rachel asks a loopy-sick Finn what is was like when he kissed Quinn. He pauses when Rachel asks if there were fireworks when he kissed her. She says this frees her up to focus on music and helps with her song selection.

Rachel sings Katy Perry’s “Firework.”

At Breadsticks, Kurt sings with the Warblers for the restaurant’s Lonely Heart’s Dinner. They perform Billy Joel’s “Silly Love Songs.” We see Puck and Lauren getting along well at dinner.