artie puck leaving glee spoilerWell, hello my dear Glee Fans… I have a piece of Glee Scoop that many will like to be just a rumour.

Perez Hilton just published some Glee spoiler for next season:

According to Perez:

Ryan Seacrest told Glee’s Mark Salling and Kevin McHale that creator Ryan Murphy sent him an email with a message to the actors.

Seacrest revealed:

Ryan Murphy said you can tell them that both of their characters have to re-audition next season on the show. Only one of them makes it in.

My bet is this is all a joke.

There´s no way either Puck nor Artie leave Glee. Especially not that way.

Although Puck did not appear in Duets episode of Glee, because he was in juvie after crashing her mother´s Volvo on an ATM, Mark Salling Puck is not leaving Glee, since he is slated to be in the upcoming episodes. Maybe just a little hiatus for him. Artie is not leaving Glee either. So don´t worry. At least not for now.

What do you think? Is Artie leaving Glee? Is Puck leaving Glee? Is this just some joke? Is this some mistake? Is Perez trying to sell us some BS? Head to the comments and discuss.

UPDATE: Michael Ausiello just confirmed what I said on this post. Puck´s absence on Glee is temporary. So, to answer the question wether Puck is leaving Glee? The answer is no: his absence is a side effect of his decision to work on his music other than Glee. He’ll miss one more episode—the Oct. 26 Rocky Horror Picture Show tribute—but will be back on air in a big way in early November.

So what happened to Puck and why isn´t Puck on Glee? Nothing wrong. Mark Salling is working on his music, and will be back to Glee in November episodes.