callie-arizona-getting-back-together-grey-anatomy-spoilerWe are already having a comeback season for Grey´s Anatomy and a lot of answers to be had:

The first set of questions we already answered: Is Christina quitting Seattle Grace? Is Sandra Oh leaving Grey´s Anatomy?

Then we already had the question wether Katherine Heigl / Izzie Stevens gets back to Grey´s Anatomy to give closure to the character.

And of course what happened last week when Callie and Arizona broke up over her trip to Africa.

Thing is, Jessica Capshaw “Arizona” is leaving Grey´s Anatomy on a temporal basis, due to her giving birth to her second child. And this plot about Arizona going to Africa simplifies everything for the actress.

The temporal replacement for Dr Arizona will be filled by guest star Peter MacNicol. Ally McBeal, Numb3rs alum will appear in multiple episodes as a pediatric attending physician working closely with Alex.

What will happen to Callie and Arizona together? Need Calzona fans worry about their future? Well… who better to answer that than Shonda Rhimes herself. The creator of the show!

She tweeted earlier this week, that “Calzonas: stop stressing, sweeties. I wanted to give these two an incredible painful and wonderful journey this season. Hang in there.”

So, she is quite confirming Callie and Arizona are getting back together on Grey´s Anatomy.

What do you think? Are Callie and Arizona supposed to be together? Are they Soulmates?

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