christina-yang-leaving-seattle-grace-greys-anatomy-spoilerHappy times in Shondaland? Well, that´s rarely a constant in Shonda Rhimes medical drama Grey´s Anatomy, after an episode featuring the departure of Arizona to Africa, and the breakup between Callie and Arizona we predicted earlier and Derek concern about Meredith maybe getting Alzheimer´s. (Actually it´s rare in all Shondaland, see Private Practice Charlotte getting raped storyarc for further proof)

The nice hope thing we got was the wink at a comeback on the Mark Sloan Lexie Grey relationship train, after Lexi told Mark not to stare at her a**, but then went away with a big big smile.

But, the thing is about Christina. Is Christina Yang leaving Grey´s Anatomy? Certainly not. Sandra Oh is to stay put in ABC´s hit drama.

Will Christina Yang leave Seattle Grace? Well, she quits her job at the hospital since she no longer wants to be a surgeon anymore, but, as Shonda Rhimes herself have been saying on her Twitter account, Christina is about to comeback in a big way.

That makes me think that Christina is not leaving Seattle Grace, but may take some episodes to see her come back to the old Christina self.

What do you think? Is Christina Yang leaving Seattle Grace? Will she be back? Will her character still be in the show but outside the hospital? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

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