Twitter is a great web tool… and when you follow interesting people… interesting updates are bound to happen.

That´s what happened today for the 399 followers of Wendi Lynn Allison, key makeup artist of TV Hit Show Heroes .

She decided to get a lot of questions from her followers and, either answering herself, or asking the cast and crew members of Heroes for an answer.

Soooo entertaining. Here are the best parts of Wendi Lynn Allison twitting parade.

Twitter Gossip and Inside Info on Heroes

  • The show has been picked up and is in no danger of being cancelled. Let me clarify heroes lives on…ignore the rumors everyone
  • Frozenfoxfire asked: how much do you know? Do you know about upcoming character deaths? – She said: I know everything…but I can’t reveal anything. This show is a secret. I am sorry.
  • Darkwish7 asked: greg said we could ask about gossip so any idea if either Ali or Hayden want off of the show? – She answered: our cast is very happy and all get along great. Noone wants to leave the show;)
  • Aliasnews showed some dissapointment on the show: hopefully the writing will improve wastly – i hate to say it but VILLAINS was really dull. She answered: I assure you, it is all turning around….u won’t be dissapointed. We are all excited about the vast greatness to come.
  • Captainsharmie was asking Wendi to ask zachary quinto if he’s going to do any gigs with thebandfromtv, &if so what instrument would he play? cheers!. She answered: I know we have asked and tried, but I don’t think he will join..
  • Snickerdoodle was wondering where [she] got the inspiration to do the work you do? Or is it all your inner genius ;). She gave credit to the writers and all their characters keep me creating…thats what makes it fun
  • Random Penguin and a great question who’s typically the hardest Heroes character to do makeup for? Do you remember any particularly hard episode? To which she answered I can’t say hard…most fun..def. my future peter. Never get tired of bringing him to life

What would you ask her? Maybe I can tweet her your questions.

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