Here are the best quotes from Season 5 Episode 13 Big Baby of House MD.

As usual, most of them are said by Doctor gregory House in what we could call House-isms… but, the other characters have their great quotes too.

  • Thirteen: How about you judge our ideas based on their own merits?
    House: Oh! You don´t want me to do that!
  • You hired me to do your job; now let me do it.
    Cameron to Cuddy
  • I guess I have a few reasons to feel good. But let´s not get ahead of ourselves… You´re good, but you´re not Cure-Huntington´s-good.
    Thirteen to Foreman
  • Brain is like the Internet.
    Gregory House.
  • Foreman: I want to talk to you about Remy.
    House: Who?
    Foreman: Thirteen.
    House: What did you call her?
  • I´m the last person you should come for ethical advice.
    Gregory House

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