homeland-spoilers-achilles-heel-tom-walker-alive-weekendThe new hit show from Showtime is getting close to another ousting this weekend, on Sunday 10PM. In this case with an episode called “Achilles Heel”, when As Carrie and Saul reel from the news that Walker is alive, the intelligence community clashes on the best way to chase him down. The FBI wants to enlist the public’s help, but Carrie prefers a more personal approach, using the rogue sniper’s love for his wife and son to draw him out of hiding. At a party hosted by Elizabeth Gaines, Brody and Jessica discover they’re the de facto guests of honor-especially after a breaking news report reveals Representative Richard Johnson has been caught in a sexting scandal and his political future is in jeopardy. And as Walker struggles to elude the CIA’s grasp, Brody chases down a mystery man who reveals a shocking truth behind those eight long years in captivity.

But watching Homeland The Weekend, and after theorizing that Saul is the mole in Homeland, I came up with another theory. Saul described Walker to Elaine on the car trip, so she could describe him to the sketch-drawer and move suspiciousness away from both Saul and Brody.

Maybe Brody and Walker are working together and saying that the other one died was part of his assignment.

But, luckily for me today, folks at Showtime sent me the new episode of Homeland to talk to you a little bit about it.
As usual, I will only talk about the first fifteen minutes of the episode, and for the rest, you´ll have to watch it on Sunday on Showtime.
I might add, Homeland is probably the best new show this fall, and accordingly already got renewed for season two.

Best Quotes and Moments from Homeland S01E08 Achilles Heel

The previously part closes with Saul: Elaine just ID´d Tom Walker, he´s alive, he´s the terrorist.

My theory goes to crash in the minute four, since we can see Tom Walker asking for money in Washington streets. But, that doesn´t mean Saul and Brody are off the hook just yet.

But he gets a key from a very suspicious looking guy, on a very suspicious looking car, wrapped up in a dollar bill, and it works to open a storage unit.

Brody: Like I said, mostly we were kept apart

Brody: All I know for sure is he´s dead

Carrie: I didn´t say anything
Brody: So is it just a coincidence that I am dragged here to talk about Tom Walker´s death just two days after I told you I killed him.
Carrie: I didn´t tell him. I swear. I would never do that
Brody: Then why am I here?
Carrie: I can´t say

Brody: Fucking me to get information. Is that part of the job description, or you´ll get a promotion for showing initiative?

Saul: I think I have a lead on Tom Walker

Jess: I waited six years. SIx years after they told me you were dead. Six years after a marine came to that door and told me they were going to start sending death paychecks. I waited for you, because I wanted for you so much to be alive.

Jess: I can´t keep paying for that
Brody: You don´t have to
Jess: I can´t

Brody: It´s not your fault, none of this. That´s what I´m trying to tell you

Saul: His family is his Achilles Heel

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