house-spoilers-quotes-hugh-laurie-family-practiceAnother great episode on our favourite doctor on tv. House had an all new episode called Family Practice in which Cuddy’s mother, Arlene, is admitted to Princeton Plansboro after complaining about unusual symptoms, but stubborn Arlene insists that House be removed from the case, forcing House to come up with non-conventional – and illegal – means to treat his patient. House instructs his team to follow his lead, and they discover details in Arlene’s personal life that she kept secret from Cuddy and her sister Lucinda. Later, Cuddy places her trust in House to ensure that her mother receives the proper medical treatment, leading “by the book” medical student Masters to reevaluate her responsibility to practice within a code of ethics and to follow her boss’ orders.

Best Quotes from House MD S07E11 – Family Practice

Arlene: If you are gonna dress like an Italian hooker, at least let it be this year italian hooker

Arlene: My heart is doing that weird thing again
Cuddy: What? Breathing? That´s normal on human beings

Cuddy: I have to take you to the hospital

House: You don´t want me involved. You don´t want you involved

House: You know this is going to be a disaster
Cuddy: This is my mom we are talking

Arlene: She´s forgotten how to be a real doctor

Martha: I was crowned Homecoming Geek

Martha: Is that Cuddy´s mom?
Taub: Some part of her

Cuddy: Go Mom!

Cuddy: Mom´s having a fling
Paige: I know

House: I´m sorry she´s sick, I´m not sorry I´m off the case

Cuddy: You are on the case, she just doesn´t need to know

Foreman: We gotta run this by Cuddy
House: Why do you think I´m in a bad mood?

Arlene: You are scaring me Lisa

Arlene: I may be your patient but I´m stillo your mother, and I´m telling you I´m not a drunk

Cuddy: You were right, as usual

Foreman: You are losing control because she´s your girlfriend´s mother

House: Do it or you´re fired

Taub: Am I a horrible person?

Arlene: Do you want to hear I love you both the same? Of course I do. But in times like this, when we argue, that reminds me I have more in common with her. I love you both but I like her more

Cuddy: I´m so sorry guys I got you into this, you can go

House: I´m right
Cuddy: I know, and I´ll do it but

House: I´m kicking you out of your office. Yes you; this is not her office

House: If you tell anyone I will get you thrown out of medical school, and I´ll destroy your career
Martha: I thought about that. Lying about me won´t work. Everybody knows your reputation
House: True. But I won´t have to lie. Buried in your coma patience big big file there´s a form that doesn´t allow treatment without the expressed consent of the relatives. You drew blood; it´s not just a screw up, it´s a criminal assault.
Martha: But you told me
House: Nope, as you recall…
Martha: You set me up. Why?
House: Because this patient is the highest priority

House: Happy?

Cuddy: What just happened?
House: You just killed her

House: You never confront her. That pisses me off
Cuddy: Are you taking this personally
House: If she dies, maybe a week from now, maybe a year from now you are going to decide that the man sleeping next to you killed your mother. Get me my patient back!

Cuddy: If you transfer to Princeton General you´ll be treated well and you´ll die; if you stay here, with House, you´ll be treated bad, but you´ll live

Cuddy: Do something!
House: I do

Cuddy: What are you doing?
House: Do you really want me to stop and explain

Taub: I thought you didn´t want to see me
Rachel: I didn´t, but Foreman called me

Rachel: You were a crappy husband, but you are a good person

House: Once again, you are unfired

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