house-spoilers-quotes-dig-thirteen-jailThirteen is back in House!!! Well sorta… You´ll see what I mean soon enough.
Thirteen has been in prison for the past year, but the real mystery for House is what she did to get there. When she exits the prison, she is taken aback to find him waiting for her, and unaware he’s got plans for the two of them for the next few days. As House probes Thirteen for more information about her crime, intent on solving the puzzle of her mysterious incarceration, they travel to an annual spud-gun competition and join forces to compete against House’s much younger, overconfident rival, and along the journey uncover secrets and truths about each other. At the hospital, the team treats a science teacher suffering from severe respiratory illness, and when the team inspects the patient’s house for clues to his illness, they immediately learn he’s a hoarder. But upon a second visit to obtain more information, they uncover something in the many piles that shocks them. Also, Taub tries to get back into the dating scene, but winds up retreating to his old habits.

Best Quotes from House MD S07E18 The Dig

House: So what did you do?
Thirteen: You figured out I was in jail but you don´t know why?
House: I´ve been busy
Thirteen: Excessive prescribing
House: Not that busy. I know you pled down to excessive prescribing. The question was what did you do

Thirteen: You are married?
House: You were gone so long

House: Some puzzles are too good to share

Thirteen: This interrogation thing is getting annoying
House: Studies have shown that unannoying interrogations are 50 per cent less effective

Foreman: If it´s Masters, lie to me

House: I have to admit, you have one of the best game faces I´ve ever seen… also one of the best game bodies

House: Up until a couple of weeks ago I was Cuddy´s weird boyfriend

Thirteen: I killed a man

Martha: Chase and I can go. It´s only fair.
Taub: Fairness is important

Thirteen: I´m asking you to let it go
House: And I really wish I was the kind of person who would do that

Thirteen: Your gun sucks

Martha: She´s the Hoarder, he just lives there
Taub: On purpose?

Taub: You remember my wife?

House: You have a sibling that you never mentioned

House: You euthanized your brother

Thirteen: It´s no wonder Cuddy broke up with you

House: Today would be our one year anniversary

Foreman: House, who´s that?
House: Radio
Foreman: Sounds a lot like Thirteen
House: It´s a Thirteen tribute band woth the song I have a better theory than Masters

House: And the bitch is back

House: I´ll kill you… when the time comes and you ask me to… I´d do it now if you want to, I have a baseball bat in the back
Thirteen: I´ll see you Monday

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Mike Saros also did an excellent Recap of House MD The Dig:

Open with House sending a taxi driver outside a prison. Out walks Thirteen and he hands her a martini, which she promptly chugs. In the car he says he knows that she pled down to excessive prescribing but he doesn’t know what she did to get in there. She isn’t talking.

Masters mentions to the team a 36-year old science teacher who started coughing blood. At the time they all get texts saying House will be out for three days. Just as they attempt to clear the room House calls and Masters makes a pitch that the case might be more than just a simple nose bleed. House tells them to run cultures and search the man’s home for toxins.

House doesn’t tell the team about Thirteen. But he isn’t taking her home, instead bringing her to a chili cook-off-spud gun competition.

Just as Chase wants to write the teacher’s (Brian) nose bleeds off as inhaled bacteria from the locker rooms at his school, he starts coughing up some serious blood.

House takes Thirteen to buy some clothes while grilling her about what she really did to get put in jail for six months about six months after leaving the team. She still isn’t giving up any info. He mentions that she has a background in clean combustion and tells her for four years he’s been runner-up to someone named Harold. She will help as long as she can make a “person stop.”

At Brian’s house Taub tells Foreman he’s been seeing a new young nursing assistant. Inside they see stacks and stacks of junk of every type. Brian is a hoarder: Plus there is no running water, no electricity, etc. They think there must be a psychological component to his problem. Foreman finds tons of fungus and suggests an infection related to that.

House and Thirteen stop at a home. She knocks on a door, a man answers and she promptly knees him in the groin. She returns to the car and says she’s hungry.

Brian tells Foreman and Taub he’s just a “major slob” and Taub points out they found saved ear wax.

House spills the beans about recently breaking up with Cuddy. When Thirteen realizes he’s serious she tells him “I killed a man.”

Brian doesn’t test positive for the fungal infection. The team comes up with the possibility of carbon monoxide and Masters and Chase are selected to return to the home.

Thirteen doesn’t want to talk about happened, but House continues to fire guesses at her.

Curious as to how Taub is able to do so well with younger women, Foreman asks the nursing assistant about him. She tells him he cancelled their date for that night.

House and Thirteen make a stop and she fires his potato gun. She isn’t impressed and has suggestions for how to make it better.

At Brian’s home Masters is fascinated. There is no carbon monoxide, but she wants to stick around and learn more. They find raccoon feces and Chase suggests Q fever. At this point they find a woman hiding under a tarp.

It turns out Brian’s wife Nina is the hoarder and Brian has been living with her.

Thirteen buys supplies at a hardware store, telling House she wants to focus on distance and accuracy.

Foreman secretly checks out Taub’s phone and sees he’s meeting someone at his place during his usual workout class.

Thirteen and House get to the competition. Harold walks over with an even bigger gun and fires off a shot to intimidate them. House and Harold talk trash.

Foreman comes home to find Taub and wife Rachel having sex on his sofa.

The night before the competition Thirteen makes a few more adjustment to the gun. She also tells House that one of his earlier guesses was right, she and a guy she met at a coffee shop went back to her place and he OD’d.

Brian tells Masters that Nina gradually fell into her current state over the past few years. He says he has an appreciation for her view of what is junk. While Brian seems fine, Nina begins to have heart issues.

In the middle of the night House hears Thirteen crying by the window.

Nina had a heart attack, which doesn’t seem to match with Q fever. They think of another possibility which will require a test at Brian’s place. Masters and Chase will go back.

Thirteen slips up while telling a family story and references her dad taking “us” somewhere. House guesses she has a sibling. From there he goes to “you euthanized your brother.” Thirteen says “congratulations” and walks away.

During Brian’s MRI Foreman said he thinks Taub isn’t being fair to Rachel by refusing to let her move on with her life. The test is clean.

The test at Brian’s place reveals nothing by Masters stays to continue looking.

House tracks Thirteen down in the woods nearby. She tells him her brother got to the point where he couldn’t do it himself. In his lucid moments he told her “It’s time.” She used gloves so the only crime she could be charged with was the drugs. She is upset, thinking about the time when she gets that sick and nobody is there to help her. House stares at her without emotion and this irritates Thirteen. “It’s no wonder Cuddy broke up with you.” Back on the range Harold starts talking trash about wanting to get with Thirteeen. House turns his potato gun on Harold.

Thirteen meets House at the police station. He shot a spud at Harold but was let off because Harold hit on the sheriff’s daughter. House mentions that day would have been his one-year anniversary with Cuddy.

Masters arrives in Nina’s room with the oldest thing she found in the house, some baby clothes. The team assumes this means infertility and they tell House this via phone. At this point Thirteen (who has been listening to the case the entire time) tells them they aren’t considering the opposite.

Masters tells Nina they think she has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. It would explain the symptoms, as well as any miscarriages. She admits to having gotten pregnant three times, which Brian didn’t know. He leaves the room in anger.

Taub tries to end the fling with Rachel. She says no because she’s enjoying the excitement of the current version of their relationship.

Brian returns to Nina’s room and takes her hand.

House tells Thirteen he’ll kill her if she needs it done later in her life. She accepts his offer to be his assistant and says she’ll be at work on Monday.