wilson-leaving-house-spoilers-robert-sean-leonardRobert Sean Leonard, the actor who portrays Wilson in Fox hit drama House MD has landed a lead role in Broadway show Born Yesterday, a play that will begin late March and open in April; around the time of the final House MD episodes are slated to air.

Does this mean Wilson will leave House?
Well, not necessarily, since the showrunners can make it work with both jobs for Robert Sean Leonard not making an impact on the filming if the series.

But the thing this days is elsewhere. Robert Sean Leonard has not yet signed a contract for the eight season of House MD. So, will he sign? Is Robert Sean Leonard, Wilson, leaving House?
Only speculation so far… but things look promising. At least it´s not a power move by the actor, nor from the studio; it´s just they didn´t do all the signings just yet; and the only castmember already inked for season 8 is Hugh Laurie, doctor House himself.

But once again I ask… Is Wilson leaving House because of a side job on Broadway?

House showrunners have gone all the way to accommodate to absences work related, as the case of Olivia Wilde.
Kal Penn, who played Dr Kutner died on the show, mainly because his job was overseas and in the public administration. If not, they´d have probably worked it out too.

What do you think? Is Wilson Leaving House? Would the show be the same without Wilson? Let me know your opinion in the comments section.
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