how-i-met-your-mother-puzzles-theme-song-barney-tedThis new year there was a great special New Year´s Episode woth several storylines: Robin back to television with Sandy Rivers, Marshall visiting his father´s grave and telling monster stories to Lily´s belly.
And of course Ted and Barney opening a bar together: The bar called Puzzles. Why “Puzzles”? That´s the puzzle.

In Puzzles there was a theme song sang by Barney and Ted for the bar Puzzles:

Same as I did on Robin Sparkles and Jessica Glitter singing Two Beavers are better than one… here´s the lyrics for Puzzle´s theme song, Ted and Barney´s bar.

Lyrics for Puzzle´s theme song, Ted and Barney´s bar

Ted: Puzzles is a place where people go, to feel like they belong
Barney: Kinda take advantage of dumb drunk girls
Ted: No… (Bro) That would be wrong
A place where wit and wisdom bloom
Barney: A place to bang chicks in Ted´s room
Ted: Not gonna happen
Barney: We´ll talk about it
Both: At Puzzles we all fit together
Kevin: And I´m the bartender!

Both: At Puzzles we all fit together
On sunny days or stormy weather
Pull up a chair and sit for a spell
Laughter and share the stories to tell
Puzzles is a place where everybody feels at home
Barney: And we bang chicks in Ted´s room.

What do you think about Barney and Ted´s Puzzle bar theme song?
Let me know in the comments section, and please help me edit it, I may have gotten some words wrong.
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