katie-couric-wendy-williams-showAs I told you earlier, I am getting more interested lately in daily TV, as you can probably say if you read my feed, with things like Martha Stewart´s Show recaps and best quotes, or DIY Networks launches and The Nate Berkus Show. now it´s time to talk a little about The Wendy Williams Show.

In a segment airing Monday, November 22 on ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric addresses rumors about her potential return to the TODAY show, and shared a story of bumping into former co-host Al Roker, who nearly didn’t recognize her.  “He was running in Central Park the other day and I said ‘Hey Al,’ and he said ‘Hey’ and I’m like ‘Hey, it’s Katie!’ – he thought I was a random!”

Quotes from Katie Couric on the Wendy Williams Show

Al Roker does not know who Katie Couric is?

WW: So Katie, the word on the street is that you’re contemplating going back to the Today show if Meredith Vieira leaves.
KC: People are always speculating about me, I don’t know why – I guess when people are interested in you that’s a good thing.  But no, no that’s not something that I’m doing – I love the Today show, I miss all my friends from the show.  I still see Matt [Lauer] a lot, and I saw Al [Roker], he was running in Central Park the other day and I said ‘Hey Al,’ and he said ‘Hey’ and I’m like ‘Hey, it’s Katie!’ He thought I was a random!

Katie Couric dance moves:

WW: I like the way you dance, and there is this picture we’ve shown before on hot topics – of you dropping it like it’s hot and dipping it low.
KC: Thank you, but what does ‘dropping it like it’s hot’ mean?
WW: Well that was the night after my very first broadcast on the CBS News, we had a party and my daughters were there. We were actually just cutting up and being really funny, and a friend of mine took all of these pictures and my daughter put them up on her Facebook page, and suddenly I start seeing these pictures everywhere – and some of them are even sketchier!

Katie Couric on her younger boyfriend, and getting married:

WW: And you have this wonderful boyfriend that you’ve been with for three years, he’s cute, his name is Brooks. And Katie is a bit older, about twenty five years?
KC: No! Not that much.  Just a few years – we’ll leave it at that.
WW: Would you want to get married again?
KC: I don’t know, when my girls were little my husband died when Ellie had just turned six and  Carrie was two, and I think when they were really little –I sort of thought I’ll be like Mrs. Brady and I’ll meet somebody and we’ll have a family. And it didn’t really happen, and I’m really happy with the way things are, and maybe one day I’d like to be re-married, but it’s not something I really think about.  I like having my independence, and my girls – for them it’s the new normal.  I wish they had known their Dad, but it’s fine and I’m really happy.

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