50_reasons to have sex by Lili Aldrin How I Met your MotherWe all get the laughs with How I Met Your Mother, but when you get something like Lily Aldrin´s 50 Reasons to Have Sex from How I Met Your Mother, you can get enough… and albeit in the episode they numbered only a few, in Barney Stinson´s blog you can check the complete list of Lily Aldrin´s 50 Reasons to Have Sex .

Without further addo:

Lily Aldrin´s 50 Reasons to Have Sex from How I Met Your Mother

1- Because you can´t get to sleep
2- Make up sex
3- Break up Sex
4- Your friend told you about a new position
5- Revenge
6- Rebound
7- Paratrooping / Bangin´for roof
8- Nothing good on TV
9- Because you´re in a hotel
10- Curiosity
11- It´s raining
12- It´s halftime
13- Diet / Exercise
14- Celebrate recent weigh loss
15- You finally get the chance to show your childhood bed some action
16- Prom Night
17- You´re already at their place and don´t want to move your car
18- Show off new lingerie
19- Celebrate major victory by favourite team and/or political candidate
20- Your chance to do it in a specific location (ex: airplane, Burger King, bathroom)
21- To prove we´re not in a rut
22- Stress relief
23- Just shaved legs
24- Forgot to buy a birthday present
25- “Let´s get it on” by Marvin Gaye is on the radio
26- Celebrating the joy of life after a near death experience
27- Your one chance with a celebrity
28- Time an egg
29- To avoid cleaning, studying or doing work of any kind
30- She wants to
31- It´s cold outside
32- Cheer someone up (Pity)
33- Keeping up with the neighbors
34- Your roommate is out of town and you can do it on the couch
35- Some very protected sex to celebrate the fact that I´m not / You´re not / we´re not pregnant
36- Practice
37- They have air conditioning and you don´t
38- Because he´s / she´s from one of the countries you haven´t had sex with
39- “Damn, your calves look good in those cargo shorts” sex
40- Called / texted the wrong person but she was into it anyways
41- Because she looks like your superhot cousin and this is the closest it´ll ever get to being okey
42- Breaking in a new apartment
43- Because he said he loves you and you´re not ready to say it back yet
44- Wingman diving on the friend grenade
45- Your condoms are about to expire
46- It´s getting a little hard
47- Miscommunication (Cheetos sex)
48- To reinforce good behavior (such as shaving & Dental Hygeine)
49- To change the subject
50- Love