martha-stewart-holiday-open-season-jennifer-garnerMartha Stewart Holiday Open House is coming. Premiering December 6th at 8pm ET/PT, 7C, the special celebrates the festive season with celebrity guests and Martha at her home in Bedford (full description following the sound bites). Immediately following at 9 pm ET/8 C, will be another new original special, ‘Mad Hungry for the Holidays,’ hosted by longtime Martha Stewart Living Food Editor and best-selling author Lucinda Scala Quinn.

Nobody does the holiday season like Martha Stewart.  Christmas is, for her, the most enchanting and meaningful day of the year.  “Martha Stewart’s Holiday Open House” — a nearly 30-year American tradition – airs this year for the first time on Hallmark Channel.  Viewers get a chance to watch Stewart decorate her home, cook up a storm and welcome some very special friends to help her prepare for the big party.  First, Jennifer Garner of “Alias” fame, joins Martha in the kitchen to bake Golden Cream Cheese Bow Cookies before doing some packaging and decorating together.  Then Martha is joined by Claire Danes, who will star in Showtime´s Homeland.  Danes helps Martha make holiday ornaments to hang on the tree and to decorate the house.  They head to the living room to make egg-corns out of blown goose eggs adorned with velvet ribbon.  Both Garner and Danes reminisce about their Christmas memories and a splendid time is guaranteed for all.  Plus, regulars to “The Martha Stewart Show” and MTV News contributors, Jim Cantiello and Brendan Kennedy, help Martha make her famous Egg Nog for the party.  When it comes to Christmas and Martha Stewart, you had better believe that the magic always flows freely.

Best quotes and moments of Jennifer Garner on Martha Stewart Holiday Open House

Martha: Do you think I drink champagne every time I make cookies? Well, thank you for bringing this.
Jennifer: I’ve never had champagne with you before. I thought I should see what you’re like a little bit, all Christmassy.
Martha: Good. A little bit silly.

Jennifer: My sisters and I love to bake, all of us.
Martha: How many sisters?
Jennifer: Two. And I would have apple. Another sister would have pumpkin and the other sister would have pecan pies. Every year it was a big plan in the kitchen. [And] Still every year my favorite thing is to be in the kitchen with my sisters.

Jennifer: My job when I was growing up was always to pass out the presents. I would wear a Santa Claus hat and my family calls me puppy so I would wear, I can’t believe I just disclosed that.
Martha: Your family calls you Puppy?! Why?
Jennifer: So I’d wear this hat that said “Santa’s Puppy” and I was in charge.
Martha: Are you the youngest?
Jennifer: I’m the middle.
Martha: And they’d call you “Puppy?” What are your other sisters’ names?
Jennifer: Melissa is my eldest sister and we called her sister, I don’t know why, and my younger sister, Suzanna, we had a lot of names for her…
Martha: That’s cute! I was always Martha. Always.
Jennifer: With your mom being Martha?
Martha: There was big Martha and little Martha.
Jennifer: Martha, I’m going to come up with a nickname, just for you!
Martha: Okay, I would like a nickname. Not Marty, please!
Jennifer: No! you’re not a Marty! You might be “Pumpkin!”
Martha: No, I am not a “Pumpkin.” [laughter]
Jennifer: No, you’re not a “Pumpkin”…. I’m out of wax!
Martha: You have your little extra sticks [pointing].
Jennifer: So you just feed it right in?
Martha: Right.
Jennifer: Thanks Pumpkin! [laughing]
Martha: I think I have a new nickname.

Martha: I love my house, and I love YOUR house!
Jennifer: Oh Martha, I have to go! I’m meeting Victor Garber for dinner!
Martha: Oh how lovely. Give him my best!
Jennifer: He says to tell you “hi!”
Martha: Oh and take at least one of these houses.
Jennifer: He would be so angry if I showed up without one!
Martha: Do you want to give that to Victor?
Jennifer: Yes!
Martha: I’ll send some to the girls and have a very Merry Christmas, okay?
Jennifer: Thank you! Merry Christmas!

Best quotes and moments of Claire Danes on Martha Stewart Holiday Open House

martha-stewart-holiday-open-season-claire-danesON CLAIRE’S CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS:
Martha: So what are your family traditions for Christmas?
Claire: Well, they’re evolving. I got married last year to Hugh Dancy and recently we’ve been spending Christmas with his family. They had a great idea a few years ago of choosing a different city and spending Christmas there. It started in Rome, we did one in Vienna- it’s really great.

Claire: What are your Christmas traditions? What do you do?
Martha: Oh my gosh- so many things. There is always an open house like this, always getting ready, new friends, old friends, people that I’ve met along the way during the past year get invited and I love making good food. This year is a traditional cassoulet which is a French bean stew.

Claire: Every Christmas Eve with Hugh’s family we eat fish. I don’t know if that’s a common tradition…
Martha: Are they English?
Claire: They are English.
MS: I don’t really know anything about English Christmas traditions.
Claire: Well, they don’t open presents until infuriatingly late in the day. They wait until after lunch. They are so disciplined.
Martha: We would sneak down as early as we woke up, like four o’clock in the morning. We would sneak down quietly so we wouldn’t wake our parents and we would all open our presents.
Claire: I used to have nightmares as a little girl that I would not be able to hold out and I would wake up and just gorge and open all the presents prematurely…
Martha: That’s a nightmare? No- it’s so fun!
CD: Yes, and you actually did it.
Martha: We did it. We weren’t afraid.
CD: You are so much cooler and braver than I am.

Claire: Do you make ornaments every year?
Martha: Oh yeah. Every single year. This year I am doing all metallic trees throughout the house.
CD: Beautiful.

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