As usual, The Martha Stewart Show has a great week ahead already planned. And here´s all the scoop.

“Spoilers” for The Martha Stewart Show Monday, January 31

Martha Bakes
Get a sneak peek at Martha’s new weekly teaching series, “Martha Bakes,” which is full of essential techniques and classic recipes for the home baker.

“Spoilers” for The Martha Stewart Show Tuesday, February 1

Valentine’s Day Ideas
Countdown to Valentine’s Day with distinctive, handmade ways to say I love you: Create a one-of-a-kind craft-punched Valentine card with artist Rosa Clifford and decorate a beautiful cookie for your sweetheart with an innovative icing technique from TV stylist Dani Fiore. Plus, clever Valentine crafts from Weddings editorial director Darcy Miller.

“Spoilers” for The Martha Stewart Show Wednesday, February 2

Easy-to-Grow House Plants
Bring out the green-thumbed gardener in you with a glossary of easy-to-care-for houseplants from Uli Lorimer of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Plus, how to make glittered paper roses for Valentine’s Day with just a few easy folds.

“Spoilers” for The Martha Stewart Show Thursday, February 3

Clive Davis
Go behind the scenes at the annual star-studded Grammy party of record producer Clive Davis. Then, discover simple, budget-friendly ways to update furniture and cabinetry with new hardware. Plus, Martha chats with Abraham Verghese, the author of her latest “Books I’m Reading” selection, “Cutting for Stone.”

“Spoilers” for The Martha Stewart Show Friday, February 4

The Game Day Show
Get ready for game day with a show of football-friendly fun for him: Take an inside look at where this year’s biggest game will take place, Cowboys Stadium, on a special tour with Martha and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Plus, no-fuss recipes tailor-made for entertaining.

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