martha-stewart-show-jackie-evanchoDid you watch today´s Martha Stewart Show?

America’s Got Talent’s ten-year-old sweetheart, Jackie Evancho, stopped by to serenade Martha and her live studio audience with an angelic “Oh Holy Night.” She chatted with Martha about what it was like to discover her voice at the age of seven, and told Martha about her and her parent’s amazement the first time she sang. “They were as surprised as ever! They didn’t see it coming,” Jackie said. Martha concurred that her gift is absolutely “beautiful!”

Martha Stewart and Jackie Evancho´s Best Quotes of the Day

MS: SO you came home and started to sing, at 7 years old?
JE: Yes
MS: And when that voice came out of your beautiful petite body, what did you parents say?!
JE: They were surprised as ever. They didn’t see it coming.
MS: Were you surprised.
JE: I was very surprised?
MS: When you first heard yourself on a recording, what did you think?
JE: I was just amazed because I didn’t think that was coming out of me…
MS:… It’s beautiful.

MS: What other music do you enjoy listening to, other than classical.
JE: Well, I enjoy listening to Josh Groban all the way to Lady Gaga and everything in between.
MS: Have you dressed up like Lady Gaga?
JE: No [ laughing].
MS: No. You don’t have a meat dress for Christmas do you?!
JE: No!
MS: Wouldn’t that be uncomfortable don’t you think?!
MS: Well you are amazing. I just get all teary when I hear somebody like you because it’s realizing your own talent and doing it so nicely and beautifully.

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Photo Credit: David Russell