martha-stewart-show-rachel-maddowDid you watch today´s Martha Stewart Show?

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow joined Martha in the kitchen to make a scrumptious and surprisingly simple dish – Fritattas. While cooking, Maddow delved into some hot political issues such as the current crisis in Egypt and the breaking news from NBC’s Richard Engel, “The protestors say they are marching on the presidential palace on Friday.”  Rachel also divulged who she is “dying to interview” and where she plans on visiting next, to find the “secret war that we don’t talk about.”

Best Quotes from Rachel Maddow on Martha Stewart Show

Rachel Maddow and Martha Stewart on the crisis in Egypt:
MS:  Well your show which I watch religiously has been very heavily concentrated on the Egyptian crisis. What do you think is going to happen, I mean in the very near future, this week?
RM: It all seems to be unfolding…pretty quickly. We think there is sort of two things going on; one is that there is negotiations happening…It’s a revolution, and they are negotiating for the guy who Mubarak tapped to be his Vice President to sort of handle the sort of transition.
RM: The question is whether those young people are going to stand for anything that doesn’t get Mubarak out now. We just learned this morning Richard Engel from NBC just reported that the protestors say they are marching on the presidential palace on Friday.
MS: Oh boy.
RM: … I mean change is scary, revolutions are scary they don’t always work out well, we don’t know how this is going to go but right now, to see things happening in the largest Arab county in the world, with nobody having any warning that it was going to happen, no obvious precipitating event, other than it happening in Tunisia, it’s just amazing.

Rachel Maddow on her next trip to Pakistan:
MS: So what is your next trip? Do you know where you are going?
RM: I may be going to Pakistan actually.
MS: Dangerous.
RM: …Yeah but you know it is the most important national security location in the world in terms of American interests and what we think of as the threat of terrorism. They are supposedly our great ally but they are also, you know where Osama bin Laden lives, and there is the nuclear weapons thing.
MS: Yes.
RM: And we are sort of waging a secret war there that we don’t talk about, so I feel like I should go find the secret war.
MS: I think that would be very interesting. And be careful.

Rachel Maddow and Martha Stewart on Mary Thornberry coming back to the US:
RM: Oh you know you asked about that older woman in Egypt who had been profiled on NBC news.
MS: Yes.
RM: She is back home safely in the States.
MS: Oh she is, they got her out.
RM:  She was in her apartment off Tahrir Square and was very scared. She had a kitchen knife and was going to defend herself. She is home.
MS: Oh she was very funny. She had a baseball bat and she said she was going to flonk them. She was going to flonk them, anybody who came into her apartment.
RM: Do not take on a 76-year-old American woman who lives abroad. Seriously, do not pick that fight, you will lose.

Rachel Maddow on who she’s “dying to interview”:
MS: Now who haven’t you interviewed that you are dying to interview?
RM: Oh you know I would take any member of the Cheney family. I’m almost stalking them at this point. Any Cheney I would talk to.
MS: Any Cheney…
RM: Anytime they do a public event I’m like “Hey, remember me.”
MS: How about Vice President?
RM: Oh could you imagine if Dick Cheney would talk to me?
MS: Well he was talking yesterday.
RM: I know…he just won’t talk to me.
MS: He was blabbing about Egypt.
RM: Well of course they’re going to… Don’t even get me started.

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