On Songs from the movies American Idol week, featuring Quentin Tarantino as The Mentor, the show started with a video recap of yesterdays performances.

The show starts with the judges presentation and a new look from Kara DioGuardi.

Then a Top 7 American Idol video of them on magazine covers.

1980´s Flashdance movie song Maniac is the group performance… Loved that look between Kris Allen and Kara DioGuardi.

Kris, Matt, Allison and Anoop singing behind the judges… after first chorus, enter Adam and Danny from the top (and the glasses are back), Lil enters from the stage and they are all together singing on the stage now.

I thought I´d hate this song when Ryan said they´d sing it… but I actually liked it.

Then a video of American Idol Top 7 on the red carpet in movie premiere of 17 again, where they met Zac Efron.

Danny Gokey making Allison Iraheta blush when he told Zac Efron she has a crush on him.

And Zac Efron is in the audience, hence the screaming.

Allison Iraheta standing hearing feedback and she´s safe.

Adam Lambert standing hearing feedback and he´s safe.

Anoop Desai standing hearing his feedback and he´s in the bottom three.

Jennifer Hudson singing back in American Idol´s stage. Remember she´s the only Oscar winner American Idol alumn. Damn she´s tall…

She´s engaged but wouldn´t tell Ryan Seacrest the date she´s setting.

Back to the feedbacks.

Simon and Paula again with the flirtation

Kris Allen and Lil Rounds standing hearing the feedback.

Simon interrupting to tell Kris he was brilliant.

Back to Lil Rounds and her feedback.

Kris Allen is safe and Lil Rounds is on the bottom three joining Anoop.

Matt Giraud and Danny Gokey standing hearing their feedback.

Yet another Paula and Simon look

This time Randy Jackson interrupts to say Gokey was good.

Danny Gokey is safe and Matt Giraud is in the bottom three. Ryan can make you suffer man!

Kara DioGuardi says this is the group who should be on bottom three.

Paula Abdul says they all had flaws.

Ryan Seacrest is sending someone back to the couches… And yay! Anoop Desai is safe!

Again Paula and Simon can´t get hands off each other… and heading to Miley Cyrus (man I don´t like that girl) singing The Clime. (By Simon Cowell face he doesn´t either).

Simon: “There is one I´d consider saving and it would be a surprise to that person”.

Lil and Matt head to head on the bottom two.

Over 36 million votes and Lil Rounds is safe.

That means Matt Giraud is out of American Idol, albeit the safe is on.

Matt Giraud singing Have you Ever loved a woman for the safe.

Simon: You were better last night. I don´t see you have a chance to win the competition.

Matt… we reached a decision: it´s good news!

Matt Giraud is saved by the judges!!!!!!!


Next week is double elimination night, and Disco Night!

But we get to see Matt Giraud one more week.

I´m guessing next week both Matt and Lil are going home… the following week Anoop does, and then Allison Iraheta leaves, and Danny Gokey, Adam Lambert and Kris Allen fight for the big win.

What do you think?

We still have a top 7 American Idol, and we´re going straight to top 5…