modern-family-quotes-diamond-in-the-rough-baseballIn this week´s episode of Modern Family, called Diamond in the Rough, Gloria buys a microphone so she can sing to her unborn baby. Claire and Cameron try to renovate a baseball field so Luke’s and Manny’s baseball team has a place to play.

And so, I am now highlighting the best quotes and moments from Modern Family´s Diamond in the Rough episode same way I compiled all Phil Dunphy´s Philsosophy advices to Haley and done the best quotes in Meme form.


Phil: Honey, are you excited about your first day?
Haley: You know what? I really am… there´s something about going to work that makes you feel like I don´t know, you are worth something… no offense mom.

Phil: Listen, I wanna give you some advice
“Work hard, keep your eye on the ball, stay focused, remember… hahaha, check it out… Cam in overalls”

Claire: Mitchell´s turn offs are Farman, Fisbo and worst of all… Farmbo

Claire: What do you do when you can´t find a field? You build one

Luke: I found a dead snake!
Claire: It´s perfect
Luke: Not dead, not dead!
Claire: I´m going to be Mother of the Year

Phil: I´m not proud of what I did, but I´m not comfortable shuttering other people´s dreams; I´m a cheerleader, I´m at the top of the pyramid shouting Go Dreams Go!

Jay: I wouldn´t tell Gloria she is a bad singer… that´s like taking a bath with a toaster

Cam: What did we learn from Field of Dreams?
Claire: That there´s no crying in baseball
Cam: No, that Madonna is a terrible actress

Cam: Now that I realize that the money was for such a noble cause
Claire: Also, there were this pair of boots
Cam: There´s always a pair of boots

Cam: Phil supports Claire, Phil is a cheerleader, why can´t you be more like Phil?

Phil: Cut the crap, you wanna play chicken, Chicken´s my middle name

Claire: What kills me is that you didn´t believe in me, and you believe in everything!

Jay: Studies? You are thirteen, go read a comic

Jay: Gloria… you are as close to perfect as a woman gets… nothing wrong with one tiny flaw. Yours is, when you start to sing , it sounds like something got stuck in the vacuum cleaner.

Phil: That´s the funny thing about marriage: you fall in love with this extraordinary person, and in overtime they begin to seem ordinary… I think it´s all the nagging

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