modern-family-season-four-finale-quotes-moments-goodnight-gracieIn the latest episode of Modern Family, called Goodnight Gracie, that also serves as season four finale, everyone flies down to Florida to be with Phil after his mom’s passing. Claire helps Phil with Gracie’s last wish for Frank, and the kids reflect on the gifts grandma left for them. Gloria has to contend with an outstanding arrest warrant in Florida, Cam finds himself fitting right into an elderly women’s group at Frank’s retirement community, and Jay runs into a pivotal person from his past.
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Here, as I usually do, I will list the best moments and quotes from Modern Family Four Finale Goodnight Gracie.

Best moments and quotes from Modern Family Four Finale Goodnight Gracie

Gloria: I am a wanted woman in Florida.

Jay: We are going to get in and out. Quick and easy.
Gloria: Yes, that was the name of the whore house.

Frank Dunphy: I was so used to her snorring I may have to borrow the neighbor´s bulldog.

Cam: It´s Florida, if I wanted to sweat I´d be flapping my arms.

Phil: Look at what dad just gave me
Claire: Please tell me that´s not your mom.
Phil: No, she picked her own urn. My dad still says it´s a size too small, but she squeezed in it.

Phil: Oh no, she´s going to ask me to throw her ashes into the Pope´s face.

Grace Dunphy´s letter: I love Frank but he´ll follow anything with a cacerole.
Phil: I can´t believe this. It´s too soon and my dad´s not a cartoon bear. He´s perfectly capable of making intelligent decisions.

Luke: A crappy old lighter is not a sucky gift.

phil-dunphy-quote-modern-family-season-four-finalePhil: When my dad is ready, he gets to pick his own girlfriend. That´s the big upside of your wife dying… Also, not having to think before you speak.
Claire: Yeah.

Gloria: I don´t want to go to jail for prostitution… (Creepy guys stare at her)… like you could afford me.

Hayley: People do weird things when on drugs. When Dylan was on Vicodin after his root canal, he bought the complete DVD set of Dr Quinn Medicine Woman.

Jay: Excuse me, Jay Pritchett, Frank Dunphy´s son is married to my daughter.
Frank´s Neighbor: Oh, I am so sorry.
Jay: Nah… he grows on you… oh you are talking about the death… thank you.

cam-modern-family-season-four-finale-meme-quotePhil: It´s safe to say you made a big mistake.
(Claire nods)
Phil: No, say it. It´s part of the training.
Claire: I´ve made a huge mistake.

Cam: Why does drama keep following me everywhere I go!

Jay: She sent off more men to war than Lyndon Johnson.

Judge: Ok, I can´t listen to him anymore. Case dismissed.

Gloria: If you have anything to do next week you can go with me to Texas.

Annie: Oh, you are alone, did you fire that nice girl?
Phil: Oh no, she´s not a nice girl, she´s my wife.

Phil: She was always doing crazy stuff like this. Going out of her way to take care of us. I caughed on the phone once and she already got me soup. When I wanted to learn how to ski she knitted me a sweater. When I wanted to be a marine biologist she knitted me a sweater with a whale on it. Who does that? It´s just the kind of person she is… she was.

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