Psych - Season 7We are nearing the end of season seven of Psych, in what has been yet another awesome display of great TV. With still another episode before season finale, last night an episode called Nip and Suck it aired, in which After a woman dies from what appears to be a plastic surgery mishap, Shawn (James Roday) and Gus (Dulé Hill) believe the killer is her doctor, a woman who happens to be an old flame of Henry’s. Not only that, but also, Gus gets convinced to have something done on his face.

Guest stars include: Kathy Mixon, Kurt Fuller, Kristy Swanson, Parminder Nagra and Lori Loughlin.

As I always do when a new episode airs, I am bringing here the best moments and quotes and all the Pop References and Nicknames from it.


A Title reference to Nip Tuck

Henry´s ringtone of I´m Mr Booty Man in a remixed version was hilarious.

Henry starts the episode all Psychic Detective himself finding a dead girl´s body.

Shawn: Not a lot of hair left to join that celebration.
Gus: Your dad realizes he´s retired, right?
Shawn: Yeah, but he had a tough year… he got shot… well, I guess that´s it.

Henry: Guster, no half assing here

Shawn: Good game pop, good game.

Woody: What we have here is a woman.

Woody: This is Dr Joan Diamonds´work. I´d know it anywhere. I saw her speak at a symposium of forensic artists. She also appeared on The Love Boat, back when she was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.

Woody: There was enough botulism bacteria here to dewrinkle all the Sharpeis in China.

Doctor´s Assistant: Doctor is ready to see you.
Shawn: Oh good, maybe she can make me look both youthful and astonished… or Asian.

Doctor´s Assistant: Mr Spencer, you listed your emergency contact as Val Kilmer.

Shawn: Julia Roberts´mouth, Cameron Diaz´s eyes… Patricia Heaton´s widow´s wig.

Shawn: Get this, we just found out a woman who still has the hots for Val Kilmer.
Jules: Really?

Joan Diamond: Just look at Denzel.
Gus: His lobes are incomparable.
Joan: Exactly.

Henry: I don´t even wanna know what you think that means

Shawn: Au contraire, you see Dr Death…

Henry: That´s a really lame movie of the week you are telling Shawn.

Henry: Come on, Shawn, that theory of yours is half-baked.
Shawn: Of course it is. Most of my theories are. Some of them aren´t even baked at all. Some are just dough. Some of them aren´t even dough. It´s just eggs and flour with a bit of bacon. Bottom line, I always catch the bad guy. And guess what, I don´t need your help anymore to do that.

Henry: So, you know everyhting, do you?
Shawn: No, I don’t know everything, just everything you know and then some, plus 3.
Henry: Well, then, good luck to you.

Gus: I´m gonna kill you Shawn

Gus: I better get the girl.

Shawn: Your fingers are like magical baby weiners.

Shawn: I´m Psychic Detective Shawn Spencer and this is my borther Darrell and my other brother Darrell.

Gus: My back feels better. Weird.
Shawn: What you are doing is weird.

Shawn: Your earlobes are fine, it´s your relationship that needs a lift.

Henry: What took you so long, Sonny Boy?

Joan: They don´t make men like you anymore.

Gus: Doctor´s handwriting
Shawn: Damned!

Gus: This is kinda sad, We don´t have leads of our own.
Shawn: Who needs leads of our own when we have dad´s leads.

Gus: Great, we just tailed your dad to his afternoon nap.

Gus: Relish
Shawn: Mustard.
Gus: Sweet sweet goodness.
Shawn and Gus: Food Truck!

Henry with his “Suck It” carton board was epic!

Shawn: What took you so long Daddy Boy?

Gus: You just got dusted by your dad.

Henry: Real Cops always rely on instinct Shawn. It comes with thirty years of detective work.
Shawn: Yeah, well, Real Fake Psychics rely on stuff that is a little more substantial, like whims and whiffle swings, and that´s precisely what I´m gonna use to prove you wrong.
Henry: Good luck with that.

Gus: I just let an appliance salesman inject my face, Shawn

Henry: I´m all about touching, respectfully

Henry: Damned, that´s me. Man, I´m bald!

Lassiter: The bad news is that because doctor Diamond took your phone, we don´t have the picture of the vilest thing that´s making Guster look like Lil Wayne Newton.

Shawn: Come on Pop, don´t be so hard on yourself. So you took some asswhooping.

Shawn: Am I really that predictable?

Shawn: Uh-oh, that was one unhappy ending.

Shawn: Lassie, I´m not so bullish on your bullseye. You need to uncross your crossers.
Lassiter: Land the plane, Shawn!

Shawn: Excuse me, Lassie, you try to do a breakdown with your father!

Shawn: Exactamundo!

Lizzie: Loved him
Henry: Yeah… to death!
Shawn: Snap. Pop that is some quality old school smack talk.

Shawn: Gus does the African American version of Face Off with himself.

Gus: Shawn, Rachel wants to talk. This is it. The break up has begun. These are delicious beacons of heartbreak, Shawn. They´re breakup cookies.

The pineapples are in the cookies Rachel sent to Gus.

NICKNAMES ON PSYCH S07E13 nip and suck it

Joan Diamond: Dr Death

Gus: My Brother Darrell and my other brother Darrell.

Shawn: Sonny Boy

Henry: Daddy Boy

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