buckwild-cancelled-renewed-mtvWhen a show has good to great ratings, something bad has to happen for it to be cancelled, and that was sadly the case for Buckwild, getting cancelled a bit over a week after one of its cast members, Shain Gandee passed away in a car accident.

The show will bow out with a special presentation to honor Gandee, but then will go in the land of cancellation even though production has footage enough for several episodes, and maybe even ending the season.  And that´s why the previously renewed Buckwild will get cancelled.

BUCKWILD” followed a group of nine young, carefree and adventurous friends living in West Virginia. The show was called the Jersey Shore of Appalachia, and premiered on Thursday, January 3 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT to good numbers.

Having known each other for years, the young people in the series are united by the deep pride they have for small-town American life, in which they find unique ways to create their own fun. From transforming a dump truck into a pool party to building a human sling shot, they live their lives loud and proud without restrictions. Beyond dating, friendship, and their love of mudding, the bond they share with family and friends is always at the core for this fun-loving group.

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