nate-berkus-spoilers-ruth-feel-quotesWe are talking a lot about Nate Berkus Show lately, with his trapezing ahead on Monday and the whole next weeks spoilers and the Nate Berkus Show Sweepstakes. But now, another good piece: On the Monday, February 28 edition of the nationally syndicated The Nate Berkus Show (check your local listings or visit, Nate sits down with Dr. Ruth to talk about why she never touched the décor of her apartment in 50 years, and how that prohibited the beloved sex therapist from bringing friends, and even suitors, home.  Dr. Ruth confesses: “I entertained at a restaurant. I didn’t let people come to my house…” Nate and his team change all that with a special makeover that’s revealed on the episode.

Best Quotes from Nate Berkus and Dr. Ruth Feel on the Makeover:

Nate: …I feel like, I fell in love with you.

Dr. Ruth: Well I like to hear that. I hope that your lover doesn’t hear that!

Nate: I think he just did.

Dr. Ruth: …You taught your entire audience that older people can change…I met this guy, I liked him. I let him come to my house, which I haven’t done in a long time…I trust (Nate). I moved out….

Nate: …I kicked Dr. Ruth out of her house.

Dr. Ruth: …I made my friends come (over) and now they all want you… but I can’t share you like this. For a little while, you have to be my own…

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