lastcomicstanding-cancelled-renewedNetflix just brought back The Killing after the show was twice cancelled and ended up surviving. And now, NBC is taking a page of that book and bringing back a show everybody thought was forgotten but is everything but, as NBC renews Last Comic Standing for one more run, which will be its eighth season.

The show originally ran for three continuous seasons, then stopped for a while and then came back for four more cycles, and now, season eight will see the light of sun, produced by Wanda Sykes and Page Hurwitz. No host has been announced, nor the judges panel.

So, three years passed since the show last aired, and it will come back next year. It´s not a revival that I am so psyched about as I was when The CW picked up Whose Line Is It Anyways? but probably it is a good summer addition, as it is a low risk show. There will not be a hit there, but a nice enough performer for sure. And maybe a comedian discovered that´s good enough as to be added to the iffy NBC sitcom´s block.


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