The previous two seasons of Rachael Vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off turned out pretty well and by the end of the day, pretty equal, as first season was won by Team Rachael and the second season by Team Guy. The third season shows who’s the man, or woman, for the sake of the argument.

The third season comes with eight new multi-talented celebrities that Rachael Ray and Guy Fiery will have to mentor and coach to help their teams win. There will be six episodes where the teams will be competing against each other.

“As I’ve said since season one of this show, it is both the most nerve-racking and the most exciting project I’ve ever been a part of, and this season is no relief,” said Rachael Ray. “It is intense – intense fun and intense stress – in each and every episode as all of these celebrities play with knives and fire all for the sake of the charities that they love.”

The winning celebrity will win $50 000 for the charity of their choice.

Here are the team lineups:

Team Rachel
– Judy Gold (actress, comedienne)
– Florence Henderson (actress, singer)
– Penn Jillette (magician, comedian)
– Jake Pavelka (reality star, The Bachelor)

Team Guy
– Chris Kattan (comedian, actor)
– Tiffany (singer, actress)
– Vanilla Ice (pop icon, rapper)
– Herschel Walker (former NFL player, Heisman Trophy winner)

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