expedition-impossible-game-frogger-abcDo you remember Frogger? The classic video game which was introduced by Konami in 1981 as a one player or two player games. The game’s objective is to move a frog from the bottom to top and overcome the obstacles that come in your way.
The game’s screen is divided into two halves, where the first half featured a road full of traffic while the second half is a river. When you are moving your frog through the traffic, you have to face speeding cars, buses and many other obstacles on your way which must be avoided to safely transport your frog to the other half.
In the second half, you will see several logs and turtles trying to have your frog and you needed to fight all these obstacles to safely cross the river.

Well, now, thanks to folks at ABC´s Expedition Impossible you can rekindle your love for Frogger, and choose your favorite team from the show and try to complete various adventures a la the popular 80’s arcade game.

How to play ABC´s Expedition Impossible´s Frogger like online Game?

Visit this link. But make sure you have some time to spare… you will find yourself spending minutes and minutes playing there! I should add this game to the reasons to watch Expedition Impossible.

What do you think? Do you miss these classic games? Will you play Expedition Impossible´s arcade game Frogger-like? Let me know in the comments section.

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