barack-obama-president-tonight-show-jay-leno-nbcPresidential debates came to an end already, and the campaign to decide who will be the next POTUS is reaching its climax. And now, tonight, President Barack Obama payed a visit to Jay Leno on The Tonight Show to discuss some issues in what was a very interesting night.

Among the subjects discussed President Obama takes seat alongside Jay Leno to discuss Richard Mourdock, the NHL Lockout, Donald Trump and the debates.

Watch President Barack Obama on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno videos

President Obama on Mourdock

President Obama responds to rape statement from Senate candidate Richard Mourdock.

President Obama on NHL Lockout

President Obama takes a facebook question about the NHL lockout.

President Obama on Donald Trump

President Obama jokes about his childhood with Donald Trump.

President Obama on Debates

President Obama on his demeanor during the first debate.

President Obama on His Anniversary

President Barack Obama on celebrating his 20th wedding anniversary.

President Obama on two big issues

President Barack Obama on banks and a woman’s right to choose.

President Obama on Europe

President Barack Obama on the European financial crisis.

President Obama answers

President Barack Obama takes questions from The Tonight Show audience and Facebook fans.

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