pretty-little-liars-spoilers-quote-recap-photo-moments-after-winter-premiereAnd the awaited moment for all the Pretty Little Liars fans finally came! When Pretty Little Liars mid season premiere arrived, and we get to know what happens moments after Hanna is hit by a ar, and the girls’ world is turned upside down.

“A” is no longer content playing a game of cat and mouse – things have taken a far more ominous turn and now more than ever the four Pretty Little Liars have to turn to each other for support. With Hanna in the hospital and armed with the information of who “A” is, the girls are backtracking to figure out how they got to this point. How could this person know everything and want to use it against them?

Meanwhile, each girl has to also deal with a secret that is either found out, confessed or confronted – proving that secrets are still abound in Rosewood, PA.

And if I said the awaited return of Pretty Little Liars winter premiere, I should have said much awaited. After first preliminary ratings came out, PLL turned out to be ABC Family second telecast Ever in the coveted demo Women 18-34, and ranks as the highest episode rated for all of eleven Pretty Little Liars episodes aired.

Best Quotes from Pretty Little Liars S01E11 – Moments Later

Ashley: She´s gonna be alright

Ashley: It wasn´t Toby Cavanagh

Emily: Toby isn´t A

Aria: It doesn´t mwan anything

Hanna: Noel is A

Spencer: This is something that´s been going on? You and a teacher?

Aria: Don´t look at me like that

Aria: Can´t be Noel

Noel: This is insane
Aria: You are right about it

Mona: I feel guilty about this

Mona: The past is forgotten. We are friends forever

Recap from Pretty Little Liars S01E11 – Moments Later

Recap by MikeSaros
Open with Ashley being pulled over by a local police officer and told Hanna was in an accident.
Cut to the girls watching Hanna being taken away in an ambulance. Aria looks over and sees Noel standing in the shadows.
Ashley tells the girls Hanna is badly hurt, several broken bones and a damaged spleen. They tell her about the car hitting Hanna. Nobody knows who driving the car and Ashley tells them it wasn’t Toby, as he was picked up by the police last night.

Emily wants to tell the cops what they know, but Spencer thinks they should talk to Hanna first.

At home Spencer tells Mellissa what happened and learns that her sister is shacking up with field hockey coach Ian.
Ashley talks to Hanna in her hospital room and tells her Lucas came to visit her.
Some has written “I see you” into the back window of Ezra’s car. He thinks someone saw them together last night but Aria isn’t sure.
During breakfast Emily defends Toby to her parents.

The girls finally speak with Hanna at the hospital.
After Ashley leaves the room Hanna tells them she thinks Noel is A. She saw him in the woods and saw him write on the back of Ezra’s car. This leads to Aria coming clean about her and Ezra. There is a knock on the door. Aria answers the door to find Noel. She pretends Hanna is asleep and they go into the hallway.

Noel says he heard about the accident from someone else. He says they “need to talk” and asks her to call him. Noel lies to Aria and tells her he was somewhere else last night.

Back in the room Aria tells the girls about Noel’s lie.
Emily’s father Colonel tells Pam he’s leaving again for work. Pam thinks Emily has been acting confused. Colonel thinks she should be direct with their daughter.

Hanna is having nightmares. She’s visited by Mona, who cheers her up and ends up giving her a mini-makeover.

Aria, Emily and Spencer talk about Noel and the identity of Noel. They think Aria should find out what Noel saw.

We see a shadowy figure enter Hanna’s room. It is Lucas, who kisses her on the forehead and leaves.
The next day Hanna tells her mother she doesn’t need a private room. Ashley says she has figured out a “professional courtesy” with the bank to help them get back on their feet.

Aria confronts Noel about his lie. He assumes Ezra forced her to do something and they should go to the police. She tells him he doesn’t understand and says the best thing he can do for her is not say anything to anyone.
Emily is making calls to see if she can visit Toby.
Jenna hears this and says Toby doesn’t want to see her. Jenna blames her for Toby running away.

Emily wants to talk with him but Jenna doesn’t want to let “anyone come between us.” Emily makes reference to their relationship being inappropriate.

A medicated Hanna is visited in a dream by Alison.
Alison says the four of them remember more about that night than they think they do. Alison assures her that the truth isn’t always the best way to go.

Aria and Ezra discuss their relationship, but she doesn’t mention what Noel knows. She asks whether he thinks the whole thing has been worth it.

Aria tells Emily she’s not sure how to handle thing with Ezra.
Lucas visits Hanna. He confesses to kissing her while she was asleep. She awkwardly tells him she thought there were just friends and he basically brushes her off.

Colonel overhears Emily on the phone with Maya.
This leads to him warning her about trying to visit Toby and asking her what is going on. She tells him she’s afraid of him and Pam because they don’t’ know she’s gay.

Aria tells Spencer about the origins of the relationship with Ezra. They are going to see the tree that had Alison’s named carved into it but are stunned to find it has been cut down.
With Emily listening from the top of the stairs Pam and Colonel discuss their daughter’s revelation. We learn someone mailed the Emily/Maya kissing pictures to Pam. Both are concerned but Pam seems far less understanding.

Aria and Spencer return to Spencer’s place to find that Melissa and Ian have eloped. “It’s like last year never happened,” Ian says. They haven’t told Spencer’s parents yet.
We see Ezra leaving his classroom after hours with Noel spying on him.
Emily tells the girls about telling her parents. They talk about the tree and Spencer thinks it’s possible A is more than one person. They notice that A has signed Hanna’s cast: “Sorry about losing my temper. My bad. Love, A.” Hanna begins to panic.

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