pretty-little-liars-spoilers-quote-recap-photo-careful-what-u-wish-4And the awaited moment for all the Pretty Little Liars fans finally came! When Pretty Little Liars airs a new episode, As the school gets ready for the dance-a-thon, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer have more on their minds than raising money for the school trip to Washington, DC. Hanna is having a hard time finding a job to help her family’s financial situation, but when “A” has a job for her, will Hanna be able to refuse? Emily can only think of Maya and is desperate to speak to her — so much so that she enlists the help of Caleb, the new bad boy in the school. And as an important piece of property goes missing, Spencer finds being in close quarters with her new brother-in-law, Ian, more difficult than ever. Meanwhile, Aria’s former babysitter, Simone, comes back to town for a surprise visit. But what should be a happy reunion quickly becomes a nightmare for Aria when Simone sets her sights on Ezra.

Best Quotes from Pretty Little Liars S01E14 – Careful What U Wish 4

Emily: We gotta give that video to the police. Tonight!
Spencer: And when the police asks us where did we get it from?

Hannah: I´m saving my one good leg for tomorrow´s dance

Aria: Can we break her other leg?

Spencer: What if this is a setup?

Ezra: You are ok with this?
Aria: yes. Why wouldn´t I?

Simone: You are lucky. They didn´t have teachers like that when I was here

Emily: I know what you did. And you are not gonna get away with it

Ian: That better be the truth or someone´s gonna get hurt

Lukas: Hannah, can I take you home?

Aria: I can´t compete with that
Ezra: No one is asking you to

Ezra: I am already in love with someone else

Recap from Pretty Little Liars S01E14 – Careful What U Wish 4

Recap by MikeSaros

Open with the girls trying to analyze the Alison video and come up with a game plan. Ian walks into the room and very nearly catches them with the laptop open to a freeze-frame of him. The decide they will take the laptop to the police the next day.

Hanna is running a tight ship as organizer for an upcoming dance competition/fund-raising event that seems to have a presidential theme.

Spencer seems to be having cold-feet about their plan to turn over the Ian/Alison video to the police. Aria and Emily convince her that it’s the right thing to do, particularly since it might prove Toby to be innocent.

Hanna and Sean have a conversation about fund-raising for the dance and she has to fib about her mother’s ability to contribute. She also asks about the possibility for more work with his mother at the dental office.

Aria’s mother surprises her by brining by her old babysitter, Simone. Simone is a writer and seems to be having lots of success since graduation. Of course her mother quickly mentions that she is trying to set-up Simone with Ezra.

Emily’s not being allowed to call Maya at her camp. Hanna suggests paying a tech-savvy new kid (Caleb) to rig her phone so she can get through. She spots Lucas who is ignoring her.

Spencer notices that her laptop is missing. The only time it was out of her sight was during gym and the only people who could have access to her locker would be the coaches. Since Ian coaches field hockey the girls are worried he knows what they know.

Emily gets impatient Caleb is taking too long with her phone and wants to pay him more money to speed up the process. They strike up a conversation.

Hanna gets shot down for a possible job because he mother owes the store money. Afterwards Hanna gets a text from A: “Wanna keep Mommy out of prison? I’ve got a job for you.”

Aria pops in on Ezra unannounced and finds him reading one of Simone’s stories. He actually has to take off to meet with Simone and look over her writing. Aria is clearly bothered by the whole thing.

Spencer asks Ian if he’s seen her laptop. He says he hasn’t and asks whether she backs up her file. This leads to a conversation about his chaperoning the dance that night and he makes vague references to them putting the past behind them and acting like a family.

Emily spots Ian locking his briefcase in a desk drawer. As the dance starts the girls talk about checking Ian’s bag to see if her laptop is there.

Byron shows up at the dance and has a brief conversation with Ella.

Simone arrives at the dance, saying she’s there because Ezra mentioned he was chaperoning.

Caleb arrives with Emily’s phone. Hanna isn’t happy he charged her extra. When he walks away A sends Hanna a text: “Job description: Heartbreaker. $200 for each dance with Lucas.”

Though it upsets Sean, Hanna gets Lucas to dance with her.

Emily hangs up with Maya and we get a sense the conversation wasn’t great. She tells Spencer “it was like she was there, but she wasn’t.”

Aria interrupts Ezra and Simone and manages to get Ian’s keys from his jacket.

Hanna gets Lucas to dance with her for another song, this one a slow dance.

Ella’s mother seems to think Aria wants to spend more time with Simone.

Sean is upset that Hanna has now danced with Lucas for five. He storms off when she looks at an incoming text. It is A telling her dances with Lucas are now worth $500.

Caleb spots Spencer trying to get into Ian’s drawer. He offers to help her get in and she eventually asks him how much it’ll cost for him to talk.

Byron and Ella dance together. He suggests taking Simone out for pizza with the kids but she thinks it would be a mistake.

Emily grabs a flask that Hanna brought to the dance.

Spencer tells Aria that Ian’s key broke but Caleb said he wouldn’t say anything. Aria gets fed-up as Simone and Ezra continue to talk and Spencer has to step in and ask him to dance to keep her from embarrassing herself.

Outside Hanna finds that Emily is by herself and has finished off the entire flask. A drunken Emily thinks Hanna is being cruel to Lucas and says she thinks Alison would be proud of her. She leaves and another A text arrives for Hanna: “You have Lucas’ heart. Now rip it out. Last dance $1000.”

Spencer explains to Aria why she had to save her. Sean tries to apologize for his earlier actions and suggest they dance. She says she has to dance with Lucas but can’t explain why. While Lucas watches from afar he breaks up with her. Lucas walks over to find her crying. He asks if she wants to talk and she says “just dance with me” and drapes her arms over his shoulders.

Aria and Spencer grab a drunken Emily, who is getting progressively louder as she talks about Ian. She walks over to him and says “I know what you did. We all know. And you’re not going to get away with it.” Ian grabs Spencer and demands to know what is going on. She says it is just about them having kissed before. He says that better the truth, or “someone’s going to get hurt.”

Emily plans to crash at Spencer’s place. Lucas walks outside and offers to take her home. She says Emily “needs me” and he awkwardly walks away. Hanna reaches in her pockets and finds a huge wad of cash.

A weepy Aria tells Ezra she can’t compete with Simone and that it makes sense he would want to be with her. He assures her “I am already in love with someone else.”

Hanna won’t let Emily drunk-dial Maya and puts her to bed. Hanna starts to tell Emily what she was doing with Lucas but sees that Emily has passed out.

Downstairs Spencer and Hanna find Spencer’s laptop sitting on the table. The video is gone, but they find a picture of Alison taken in Spencer’s yard the night she disappeared. There is a caption that reads “Watch your backs. I didn’t — A.” There is a shadow behind Alison in the picture and Hanna asks Spencer if she knows who it is. “I have no idea,” Spencer says while staring straight ahead in shock.

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