psych-spoilers-quotes-yin3-2d-season-finale-shawn-gusAnother night of Psych on TV is what everybody should get in order to have a good time. And if that means The third installment of the Yin Yang trilogy in the season finale of Psych, well, there´s not much better than that. When Yin returns to kidnap a woman, Shawn and Gus turn to Yang who is their only chance to solve the case once and for all.

Best Quotes from Psych S05E16 – Yin 3 in 2D

Shawn: If I had to choose. I´ll rather die execution style by a firing squad.

Shawn: How funny would it be?
Gus: It wouldn´t, you´d be dead
Shawn: Why´d you have to go to a dark place

Julies: Shawn, I´m a little concerned
Shawn: I know, I know. I´ve been wearing these jeans for seven months straight . I´m gonna wash them this weekend.

Allison: Come on, that´s not bad for a toddler.
Henry: He made that one last thanksgiving

Henry: I hope the He-man sheets are acceptable

Gus: Are you wearing make up?
Yang: It´s part of my self esteem class. Do you think I look pretty?
Gus: Depends. How far along are you in your class?

Yang: Take me to the crime scene

Maddie: What´s going on Henry? You sound like a detective right now
Henry: I am a Detective

Lassie: Ok. The circus is over

Marion: What is the deal with One Tree Hill. I don´t get it. It´s like a poorly executed version of Dawson Creek

Cowley: I guess that´s why he´s the master… and I´m the Apprentice

Cowley: You fell for every neo romantic cliche in the book

Yang: Deals are made to be broken

Yin: That´s enough. You two are insuffrible

Shawn: I bet you are so textbook

Yin: Feelings are the enemy of efficiency

Yang: Hi Daddy

Yin: I never loved you
Yang: I know

Gus: She´s gonna haunt me in my dreams… and not in a good way

Gus Nickname from Psych S05E16 – Yin 3 in 2D

This time there wasn´t one.

Recap and Spoilers for Psych S05E16 – Yin 3 in 2D

Open in 1990 with young Shawn on his bicycle. He rides past a dark-haired woman (Mr. Yang?) and stares at her as she unloads groceries.

In “present day” Shawn and Gus meet with Karen who tells them a woman, Allison Cowley, claiming to have been abducted by serial killer Mr. Yin won’t give a statement to anyone but Shawn. The guys get those calls all the time and don’t buy it.

They meet with Cowley (Mena Suvari) who is visibly shaken and tells a story of being chained to a pipe. When Shawn says he has no connection to Yin, she pulls out a framed picture she stole from him on the way out: It is a young Shawn with Yang.

Cowley takes to the place where she was held and the police break down the door to find a family of four eating breakfast. They sheepishly apologize and are furious at Cowley, who sticks with her story. Lassie now thinks her photo must have been photoshopped. Cowly blindfolds herself and is able to identify the entire first level of the house from memory. Jules is worried that Shawn seems to buy this girls’ story.

The guys have Cowley stay with Henry.

A photo analyst tells the guys the picture of Shawn with Yang is real, thought the background is fake.

In Shawn’s room Cowley begins to cry. Shawn is the only person that believes her.

Jules tries to convince Lassie to give Cowley the benefit of the doubt.

Henry wakes up on the couch to a loud noise. He grabs his gun to investigate and finds Cowley is gone. On the bed is an outline of the Yin and Yang symbol in red tape.

Henry is furious he let Cowley be taken.

Shawn and Gus go to visit Yang in the institution and ask for help. He wants to know why he can’t remember the photo or where it was taken. She refuses to simply tell them where it was taken unless she’s taken to where Cowley was taken.

Henry calls Madeleine to ask about Shawn’s outfit in the picture. He tells her it’s about Yin but doesn’t get any info before Yang shows up with the guys. Yang says Yin was gentle with Cowley and Shawn remembers Cowley telling him Yin thought she was “special.” Yang suggests sometimes what takes Yin takes is important. One of his army men is missing and two of his 80s albums are missing. Based on the albums Shawn thinks this is related to a teacher of Cowley’s.

They get Cowley’s class schedule and Shawn lead police right to a Romantic History class. A sub is there and he tells them the regular professor left an exercise where students write a story using all the main particulars of Cowley’s abduction. In the end the girl dies.

An administrator tells them the professor, Karl Rotmensen, hadn’t shown up in a week. He is a well-respected teacher and the college was lucky to get him.

Madeleine comes to Henry’s place and they look over old pictures of Shawn. Shawn shows up with Gus and Jules. The address Yin gave the college was a field and in the middle was a bag of video tapes labeled “For Shawn.” On the tapes is criminal psychologist (and Yin victim) Mary Lightly rambling through video diaries. Shawn thinks Yin left this there intentionally because he at the end, either they get him now or not at all. On the video two days before his murder he suggests Yin might be jealous of Yang’s fame and could be about to take revenge. He doesn’t think Yang ever truly exhibited the traits of an aggressor.

Henry and Madeleine find a picture of Yang with Shawn and start to talk about where it was taken.

Cut back to the video where video of Cowler tied to a pipe has been spliced in. It appears to be a basement.

Back to Madeleine telling Henry that one day she ran into a sad-looking Yang who asked to have her picture taken with Shawn because he was the luckiest boy she’d ever seen. She never saw her again. The picture was taken at a house three blocks away.

The group arrived at the house and find a note in the mailbox telling them to come in alone “or the girl dies.” One inside metal bars lock over the doors and the recent phone message between Henry and Madeleine is played over speakers.

Outside the cops pull up. Henry smashes a basement window.

The guys find Cowley downstairs. She tells them nothing is going to be okay, then promptly pulls out a shotgun and reveals that Yin is the master and “I’m the apprentice.” Cowley takes them upstairs, all the while ripping them for being so easy to capture. She takes them to a room where a shadowy figure is sitting.

The police have no way to get in and are calling for a battering ram.

Yin sends Cowley away and reveals himself. He pulls out a hypodermic needle and tells them it is something lethal.

The have brought Yang to the house. Her terms are that she go in alone with Jules alone in exchange for another picture with Shawn. Inside she tells Jules she’s Shawn’s only chance at survival before smashing a light and running up the stairs.

Yin tells them the needle holds a deadly mix called “Last Kiss.” The begin arguing over who should be killed first.

Jules, who has lost Yang, makes her way through the first floor. She runs into Cowley who immediately starts crying and pretending to be the victim again. In the basement Jules realizes her story is bogus and the two start fighting. Jules ultimately wins the fight.

Yin tells the guys the needle is just for Gus. He has something more creative for Shawn. Right before killing Gus they demand he give them an explanation. He says Yang was obsessed with him since he was a kid, that Yin didn’t know about him until he was an adult. Yang broke his trust to save Madeleine and he blames Shawn. At this moment Yang walks in the room and says “Hi, Daddy.” They begin to argue. She apologizes and says she just wants to come home. As they hug Yang grabs the needle and sticks it in Yin’s chest.

Outside the guys watch Cowley taken away in a squad car. Shawn realizes that Yang never killed anyone, but she says he was weak and should have stopped him.

At the station Shawn finds a disturbed Jules sitting over her statement. She’s upset because the crazies keep on coming. They agree to protect each other and kiss. Lassie happened to be watching through the one-way glass and now knows they are together. He looks devastated.

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