Psych-S06E15-True-Grits-Quotes-Nicknames-References-SpoilersIt was time for another episode of Psych, in this case, something’s cookin’ in Santa Barbara. An impassioned chef, played by guest star Anthony Anderson, seeks restitution after his robbery conviction is overturned by The Innocence Project, and he’d like Shawn and Gus to help find the actual culprit.

This episode is just one episode shy of Psych Season Six Finale, which is huge. I already had the chance to watch it and I can only tell you: “Wow!”.

Best Quotes and Pop References from Psych S06E15 true grits

The episode name references True Grit

Thane: There was among us a fellow fixing to kill you once he comes out.
Shawn: Why just me? This is a two men team
Gus: Stop snitching Shawn

Shawn: Fight the power!

Shawn: Just because you put syrup on something, doesn´t make it pancakes

Shawn: Once upon a time, a poor country boy in search for a better life, brushes off his overall, hops in a freight and leave the dusty roads of Georgia behind
Gus: Shawn, that´s Grapes of Wrath, and it wasn´t a freight and it wasn´t in Georgia. Thane wasn´t alive then
Shawn: He didn´t have formal education, but he knew a hundred uses for the peanut
Gus: That´s George Washington Carver. Thane has a masters in culinary arts
Shawn: So he moves to Santa Barbara on a horse
Gus: That one is right

Lassiter: Which is why they are high in my list of enemies; right behind Internal Affairs, UNICEF and Lance Bass.

Shawn: I threw the comics yesterday, right before Gus had the chance to read Foxtrot

Shawn: Excuse you? What do you think this is? Law & Order?

Gus: And has a chance to a new life, like in Carlito´s Way

Thane: Who are you? The Math police?

Shawn: No, Thane, much like Lady Gaga, I was Born This Way

Jules: Don´t forget to TiVO The Voice

Lassiter: How many get out of jail free cards does one get?
Shawn: Duh, two. One in Chance and one in Community Chest

Henry: Love lasts, money doesn´t

Shawn: You just said Love Lasts
Henry: Lasts longer when you have money in the bank

Lassiter: Henry´s checking on Codis
Shawn: Superman´s home planet
Gus: Man, you know that´s Krypton

Gus: 1981? Carl was eight years old
Shawn: That means Carl is like Benjamin Button
Gus: What? That does not make any sense at all, Shawn

Psych Nicknames on the episode

Gus creates his character “Hammering Gus”

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