Psych-Season-6-finale-santabarbaratown-quotes-spoilersOk, so this season finale of Psych was just incredible, and the cliffhanger is amazing, and I cannot wait until the next season to start in order to know what happens next. It´s probably the biggest cliffahnger for the show yet.

In this episode, called Santabarbaratown, After over 20 years of searching, the body of Veronica Towne has been found, and Shawn, Gus and Henry reopen the case and revisit all the old suspects, including the son of a millionaire who was dating her at the time she went missing.I will not spoil it for the ones who haven´t watched it yet.

Best Quotes and Pop References from Psych S06E16 santabarbaratown – season finale

Woody: She was quite a looker… still is

Chief Vick: Do you have any other bombshells for me?
Shawn: Did you see the finale of The Bachelorette
Chief Vick: Yes
Shawn: Then no, I don´t

Shawn: Certainly didn´t seem like the murdering type; but then again, neither did Matthew McConaughey´s character on The Lincoln Lawyer
Gus: Ryan Philippe was the killer on that movie
Shawn: Really? I never saw it

Gus: There´s something about older women in inappropriate outfits keeping it nice and tight
Shawn: Gus, come on, she´s old enough to be your mother´s younger, sexier… I get it
Gus: See?

Gus: Sorry, I had my mouth full of M&M´s

Shawn: I got six bucks and a picture of Mary Stuart Masterson on my wallet. It´s all yours

Psych Nicknames on the episode

For Gus: ShDynasty, it is spelled S-H-comma to the top-Dynasty, CandyMan

For Shawn: Snoopy, Hammertime

For Henry: Sipowicz

For Woody: The Woodmaster

You can check the rest of the aliases and nicknames for all characters of Psych, the complete list of Gus Don´t Be, and the complete list of Heard it Both Ways too.

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