Psych_Superbowl-madonnaPSYCH’s Shawn Spencer (James Roday) and Gus Guster (Dule Hill) play homage to superstar Madonna, who will perform during the Super Bowl’s halftime show, by taking lines from her popular songs to use as their script for a customized promo for the fan favorite USA Network series, to run during NBC’s pre show leading up to the 46th annual game on Sunday, February 5.

The detective team will incorporate well-known lines of the songstress in an inventive 30 second spot showing Shawn and Gus at a crime scene looking for clues to a murder.  PSYCH is known for referencing 80’s pop culture, so the idea of paying homage to Madonna syncs perfectly with the show.

Roday dons a “Material Guy” T-shirt and a Super Bowl XLVI cap to get in the spirit of the game, with the spot ending with his character striking a pose on the floor in a victim chalk outline.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to seeing James Roday and Dule Hill channeling Madonna on the SuperBowl ad? After all, Psych guys are great doing Pop References:

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