Psych - Season 7A special episode after seven seasons came a few weeks back, in what was the best thing that happened to TV in a while, with Psych The Musical, and I had already presented the article with the best moments and quotes from the episode, but now I am going to focus on the songs particularily, in order to give you the lyrics for each and every song, and I could not start with a different one than this one: Jamaican Inspector, as performed by Dulé Hill in the role of Burton Guster, “Gus”.

I hope you like it, as it was perhaps the best musical moment in a long time.

Psych The Musical – Jamaican Inspector Lyrics

Warning bells ring out ´cross the ocean
Down to Montego Bay
Don´t worry, all is well
You English Jezebels
Help is on the way
Jamaican, Jamaican Inspector Man
Straight form Kingston to London Town
We gonna party like it´s 1888
Jamaican, Jamaican Inspector
Getting irie in Scotland Yard
You need a rasta man to help the magistrate
See me I say
Me naa like this nonsense me hearing
People slashed from necklace to earring
Ripper, leave them prostitutes alone!
Jamaican Inspector Man
Ripper, stop it, me naa ga tell you again

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