Psych - Season 7 the musical quotesI already told you about the plot of The Musical event, and the complete list of songs in it. So now it´s time to talk about the best quotes and moments from Psych The Musical.

The episode opens with an old storybook and the story of Shawn Spencer, told by a British voice… once that is on the screen, you know you are about to watch an epic episode. “It was an adventure like no other”.

I am going to be a bit cryptic. I don´t want to give away much about the episode, but we will talk about the best quotes and moments from the episode Psych The Musical. And only after the episode airs, we will do the traditional full Pop References Article about the event.


Santa Barbara Skies Lyrics – Shawn singing:
There´s a town
on the coast
on the path of father Serra
wealthy white guys in boats
call the US Riviera
With a dark dirty secret
soon to be unfurled
It´s the murder capital of the world

Back to talking:

Shawn: Let me ask you something. Why are you raining on my parade?

Shawn again singing:
And this town needs a man
who can stop this reign of terror
catching bad guys like flies

Gus singing: When he´s given room for error

A man who sees clues almost as if they were lightning…

And that´s it, so far that´s as much spoiler of Psych The Musical I can be giving you.

Oh, but wait, still in the early minutes of the episode, there´s a Gus Don´t Be Quote. So that´s my bonus track.

Shawn: Gus don´t be the kites up on strings.

All I will add to this is that you will certainly enjoy Psych The Musical.


Now that Psych The Musical has aired, it´s time to do the best quotes, moments and pop references from the special episode.

Best Quotes and Moments from Psych The Musical – Includes Pop References

Gus does Michael Jackson´s “Bad” Dance.

– Henry: Yeah, not happening. (Of course he´s not singing).

– Lassiter: Doctor.
– Doctor: Chief Doctor, Detective
– Lassiter: Head Detective, Chief Doctor.

– Shawn: This is my partner, Lil´Wayne.

Gus: You are embarassing us, Shawn.
Shawn: Gus, Don´t be the very model of a modern major general.

Lassiter: You´re cracked
Shawn: You´re nuts
Both together: I´ve heard it both ways

Patient: Pipe Down, Hellboy.

Yang: I´m so happy I didn´t detonate your mother, Shawn.

Patient: Sit down, Avon Man.
Gus: Pharmaceutical Rep.

Gus: We are doing Wall-E
Jules: Oh, Disney´s running out of movies to turn into musicals.

Shawn: Lassie, stop it! First of all, it doesn´t even rhyme.

Lassiter: Gigantor, lock her back up.

Yang: He was the Phantom.
Shawn: Billy Bane´s?
Gus: The other Phantom.

Lassiter: I´ll take Mr T.

Gus: Do you think this inspector character could be Jamaican.

Director: This is Chris Lamberth
Gus: Like the Highlander?
Lamberth: Lamberth, with an H. It´s different.
Shawn: Not really.
Gus: It just sound as if you are saying it with a lisp.
Shawn: Or a Dum Dym pop in your mouth. You need to change your name immediately.
Gus: It´s like calling yourself Jean Claude Van Dammit.
Shawn: Besides, there can only be one.

Shawn: My name is Shawn Spencer and this is my partner King Mon Cutt
Gus: Etcetera, etcetera.

Gus: Has the role of the Inspector been cast?
Lamberth: I am the Inspector.
Gus: Sir, calm down. I´m just saying the show seems a little white.
Director: It´s set in London in 1888.
Gus: So what are you saying? Black people haven´t been invented yet?

Woody: Enormous Human Being, thank you.

Shawn: The question is, who still has Harold Baynes bat?

Shawn: Hello, Eliza, my name is Shawn Spencer, this is my partner Gigi Von Tran
Gus: Van Tranh
Shawn: I´ve heard it both ways
Gus: You never even watched the show
Shawn: What show

Shawn: That´s ill advised.

Gus: Did you hear about Pluto. That´s messed up, right?

Shawn: You know that is the complete opposite of true.

Chief Vick: Dobson, find out how early I can retire and still get my benefits.

Yang: You are gonna rock it as Wall-E
Gus: Bone-E

Lassiter: Evidence O´Hara, sometimes comes handy.

Yang: Hey Papa Spencer.

Yang: Shawn, if you are going to accuse me, will you at least have the courtesy of singing it.

Shawn: Dude, it was Lamberth
Gus: The Highlander? This is perfect, then he is not available to play the Inspector.

Shawn: Now take off your shirt.
Gus: And do it slowly
Shawn: Yeah but not because we´re titillating, because we don´t want any funny business.

Shawn: Keep the production going. This is your moment!

Gus: We´re gonna party like it´s 1888.

And the Psych out with Gus singing the Inspector Jamaican Man was perfect!

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