Psych - Season 7 - the musical complete songs listI already talked about the first look and the plot for Psych The Musical, the television event we Psych-Os have been waiting for a long time, and which we´ll be happy to watch December 15th on USA.

But, since it is a musical, this article is to talk a bit about the music on the special two hours event. There will be fourteen original songs to be performed during this supersized episode.

Below is a full list of the songs featured in the episode:

• Santa Barbara Skies – James Roday/ Dulé Hill

• Z’s Lament – Anthony Rapp

• I’ve Heard it Both Ways – James Roday/Tim Omundson/Maggie Lawson

• Yang’s Xmas – Ally Sheedy

Making Up a Song – James Roday/ Dulé Hill /Tim Omundson/Maggie Lawson/Ally Sheedy

• Often It’s the Opposite Pt. 1 – Kurt Fuller

• Often It’s the Opposite Pt. 2 – Kurt Fuller

• I Hurt No One – James Roday/Anthony Rapp

• I’ve Hear It Both Ways Reprise 1 – Tim Omundson

• Santa Barbara Skies Reprise – Tim Omundson/Maggie Lawson/Kirsten Nelson

• I’ve Heard It Both Ways Reprise 2 – James Roday/Tim Omundson/Maggie Lawson

• Yang’s Death – Jimmi Simpson/Ally Sheedy

• Shawn’s Breakdown – James Roday/Anthony Rapp

• Gus in the Spotlight – Dulé Hill

• Z’s Surrender – Anthony Rapp

Jamaican Inspector – Dulé Hill

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In articles to come: Best Quotes and Moments from Psych The Musical. Some best parts of the lyrics;  and as usual, the updates for the nicknamesGus Don´t Be List and Heard it Both Ways.

See ya Psych-Os.