PSYCH - Season 7The show had its much awaited Musical, and it was so good I am still writing about it. Presenting you with the lyrics for each song. We already covered Jamaican Inspector, played by Gus, and now, a song for the serial killer: Yang, in what was called Making Up a Song, performed by both Shawn Spencer and Burton Guster, or better yet: James Roday and Dulé Hill. In the song they are joined by Tim Omundson, Maggie Lawson, and Ally Sheedy, portraying Lassiter, Jules and Yang respectively.

We already did the article with the best quotes and pop references from Psych The Musical too.

#Psych The Musical – Making Up a Song Complete Lyrics

Yang, you´re such a… pretty girl
And sweet girls love to sing
And when sweet sirens lift their voices
They can tell me anything…
When you´re making up a song
The words you improvise are never wrong
Just jam in as many syllables as you can before the break
You literally cannot make a mistake…
When you´re working a cold case…
And want to start… where would be the best place?
We can assume that Z would like to kill again…
Can you tell us where to begin?
You´ll find it might atone
For all the things you´ve done
You´ll pay a bit back to society
You´ll finally be free
Well, figuratively…
Would they name a pharmaceutical for me?
We´ll see…
It could be…
Not likely…
Please don´t make me do this… ow!
When you´re making up a tap…
You can do anything you like-
Except for that.
No, you never, no you never
can go wrong, no, no
Nothing can go wrong
When you´re making up a song

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