First of all… what happened to all the girls??? Except for Alexis Grace they all were off.

Man, a couple of deserving guys are going to get cut…

Tatiana del Toro might even pass if we check the awful girl night tonigh

How I would vote the contestants based on performance:

  1. Danny Gokey – Definitely frontrunner
  2. Alexis Grace – Maybe not top two, but I gotta pick up a boy and a girl
  3. Ricky Braddy – His chances might get down because of poor air time during audition and Hollywood week
  4. Anoop Desai – Did a good job and he has the charisma
  5. Tatiana del Toro – Hate to admit it, but she did good
  6. Brent Keith – Good, not great. But I see him signing for a country label
  7. Michael Sarver – He has the likeability on his side
  8. Jackie Tohn – She was not good, but there were many worse
  9. Stephen Fowler – He peaked to early in the competition. No good tonight
  10. Anne Marie Boskovich – She looked good and not much more
  11. Stevie Wright – Wrong from start to end
  12. Casey Carlson – Hat to admit it, but my candidate is falling short

How I think America will vote (not solely based on performance but charisma, likeability and air time):

  1. Danny Gokey – If he doesn´t get the biggest amount of votes, something´s wrong here
  2. Tatiana del Toro – She did good enough as to get in, and she´s the most talked about contestant so far
  3. Casey Carlson – All the boys want to see her… she might get in, but don´t count on it
  4. Anoop Desai – He is very liked and did well
  5. Michael Sarver – He has a great story and performed quite well
  6. Alexis Grace – She was good… hopefully America will see it and prove my bet wrong
  7. Jackie Thon – She´s likeable too
  8. Ricky Braddy – He did good, but he had zero air time so far. That can´t help
  9. Brent Keith – He´s good but he´s way to target in the country fans. Won´t be enough
  10. Anne Marie Boskovich – She did not do good, but she looks pretty. It may help her
  11. Stevie Wright – All she has i to hope her cuteness put her through. Shouldn´t be counting on that
  12. Stephen Fowler – I´m guessing lower votes ever perhaps

How to vote for American Idol contestants?

  1. 1866 idols 01 – Text Vote 5701: Jackie Tohn
  2. 1866 idols 02 – Text Vote 5702:Ricky Braddy
  3. 1866 idols 03 – Text Vote 5703: Alexis Grace
  4. 1866 idols 04 – Text Vote 5704: Brent Keith
  5. 1866 idols 05 – Text Vote 5705: Stevie Wright
  6. 1866 idols 06 – Text Vote 5706: Anoop Desai
  7. 1866 idols 07 – Text Vote 5707: Casey Carlson
  8. 1866 idols 08 – Text Vote 5708: Michael Sarver
  9. 1866 idols 09 – Text Vote 5709: Anne Marie Boskovich
  10. 1866 idols 10 – Text Vote 5710: Stephen Fowler
  11. 1866 idols 11 – Text Vote 5711: Tatiana del Toro
  12. 1866 idols 12 – Text Vote 5712: Danny Gokey

Who will you vote for American Idol?