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Good TV is back! Well… set your calendars, since Royal Pains comes back every Thursday 9/8 C on USA.

Last night a new episode aired, called Pit Stop, in which Hank and Divya must find what is making a reality-show’s cast ill. Evan’s latest plan is to franchise HankMed and he has an unexpected ally.

Best Quotes from Royal Pains – S02E14 – Pit Stop

Hank: Why didn´t you go to your parents´?
Jill: Because my parents are there

Hank: I´m a doctor, take me out there

Hank: If they are going to Jet Ski, they might wanna dial down on the margaritas

Evan: Pinch me, not punch me

Evan: Wow, we look awesome
Paige: Well, you are half right

Divya: I´ll stay. I´ll call you if I need you.
Hank: Ok, no margaritas!

Oh the “threesome” between Hank Emily and Jill scene on Royal Pains! EPIC!

Hank: Oh my God, nononono
Emily: What are you doing here?
Jill: Well, not what you were going to do
Emily: Hand me my bra
Hank: Yeah, sure
Evan: What the hell… Dude
Jill: Don´t even think about it
Evan: We´ll do it later

Hank: How do you want your “No” Fast or slow?

Marissa: Let me take care of my relationship with Boris

Evan: Why you?
Emily: I´m prettier

Evan: Can you read my mind?
Paige: Yes

Evan: Your dad scares me

Hank: I´m sorry about the mix up last night
Jill: Dear Penthouse forum

Evan: I´m not all math and good looks lady

Evan: Wait, you wanna escape from reality? What part?

Emily: I know you are frieds, I´m not sure about the “just” part

Evan: I don´t know is not a no, so I got you on the records as maybe

Hank: You have to talk to Marissa

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