Ok… Jim Carrey is all over TV this week. That can´t be bad right? Jim Carrey on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Jim Carrey on Inside The Actors´Studio, and now hosting Saturday Night Live. That´s always something to look forward to.

This time was no exception. And boy do I have some video recap of SNL for you guys.

Who was the host on SNL January 8th?

As I said Jim Carrey

Who was the musical guest on SNL January 8th?

The Black Keys

And here there´s the chance to take a look at tons of videos from SNL last night.

Video recap for Saturday Night Live 1/8/2011 – Jim Carrey and The Black Keys

Bloomberg Cold Open – SNL Video

Jim Carrey opening monologue on SNL 1/8/2011

Black Swan Spoof – SNL

Carrey and Bill Hader taking on psychological thriller Black Swan

Psychic Medium Sketch on SNL 1/8/2011

A startling Alan Thicke impression

Healing Conversations Sketch on SNL 1/8/2011

Grady Wilson’s Tantric N’ Tasty on SNL 1/8/2011

Weekend Update on SNL 1/8/2011 – Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner

Weekend Update on SNL 1/8/2011 – Anthony Crispino

Weekend Update on SNL 1/8/2011 – Cameron The Blackbird

Weekend Update Highlights on SNL 1/8/2011

A Taste of New York Skit – SNL 1/8/2011

Amusement Park Ride Sketch on SNL 1/8/2011 – The Merryville Brothers

Worst of Soul Train sketch on SNL 1/8/2011

The Black Keys live on SNL Video – 1/8/2011 – Howlin´ For You

The Black Keys live on SNL Video – 1/8/2011 – Tighten Up

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