for-your-premeditation-dexterMelissa Leo won an Oscar, and she might have started a thing… the for your consideration awards campaigning. (Although as Johanna Fuentes from Showtime tells me; this is not new, it´s at least a trend)

Well, now folks at Showtime are starting their own For Your Consideration Emmy campaign. In my eyes they should not need it; they have Dexter, one of the best tv series ever, with an impecable Michael C Hall (who coincidentally is a lead in one of the other greatest ever: Six Feet Under).

Showtime is taking its For Your Consideration Emmy Award campaign outdoors, and in an industry first will display its Emmy Award ads on over 100 buses navigating the streets of Los Angeles throughout the month of June. These ads will not only act as a branding effort for the network, but will also increase exposure within the entertainment and voting communities through an impactful medium characterized by frequency and ubiquity.

Expected to generate more than 24 million impressions with consumers and Academy voters, the Showtime For Your Consideration Emmy Award ads will be wrapped on buses hitting key routes in the Los Angeles metropolitan area including Beverly Hills, Burbank, Culver City, Hollywood, West Hollywood and West Los Angeles, among others. In addition, Showtime has secured a number of digital billboards in the Los Angeles area that will reinforce the campaign.

“As the television landscape becomes more crowded and competitive each year, Showtime strives to find new and inventive ways to reach Emmy voters and invite them to consider our programming at awards time,” said Richard Licata, Executive Vice President, Corporate Communications for Showtime Networks Inc. “This year we’ve implemented our ‘contenders on wheels’ outreach, targeting Academy members on-the-go so they’re able to access our series across multiple platforms, which is but one of our fresh approaches to traditional awards campaigning.”

What do you think? Should Dexter or other Showtime shows win Emmys? Let me know in the comments section.

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