On today’s edition of ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ (nationally syndicated, check your local listings) host Wendy Williams talked about last night’s announcement of her being a contestant on season twelve of ABC’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’, talking about how long she kept it a secret, and the changes she’ll be making while she competes on the show.  Williams commented: “So I was so excited to do today’s show, last night it was revealed – finally, it was so hard to keep a secret – that I am part of season twelve of ‘Dancing With The Stars’.  And, listen, I won’t let you down.

Look, I promise you that I will use all of my meat for good not evil.  Okay, so there are a couple things that I need to fill you in on .  First of all, while I’m competing, I want to retire ‘How You Doin,’ it’s [now] ‘How You Dancin,’ and the second thing is you know I wear my right-handed flower ring, which is very special to me, I’ve had it for years … but while I’m competing I’m going to be wearing my disco ball ring.  And when you see me out in the streets doing what a housewife normally does, I’ll have my disco ring on for good luck and to keep the excitement of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ alive.  Now, let’s talk about the other ten [contestants] because I didn’t know them either.  I didn’t know my partner, I knew nothing – this is such a well-oiled machine, ‘Dancing With The Stars’, and it was such an honor to be asked, I’ve known for a little over a month.  And I know that I’m the lady of the ‘Hot Topics’ and you think I have a big mouth – but not really!”

Later in the show, Williams got a jumpstart to her dance training by taking some lessons from former ‘Dancing With The Stars’ winner John O’Hurley, who taught her the waltz.

Wendy Williams Joins ‘Dancing With The Stars’ video announcement

Wendy Williams Learns The Waltz video

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