A full week and a new episode of The Walking Dead passed by, so now I´ve given you enough time to catch up on the show. After all, most elsewhere on the Internet they´ve been discussing this anyways, but maybe I´m more respectful of the “Week of no spoilers” window.
To make matters worse, and I gotta hand it to the folks behind The Walking Dead, they did a ballsy thing yesterday, shying away from giving us any answers and instead focusing on a slower pace introspective flashback to learn how Morgan turned out to be the Aikido master and pacifist he is now, only to lead us into another big Cliffhanger Wolves-realted (I´m not saying anything else about this, as to give the proper week).
So, back to what happened last week. Fans were teary and shocked when they saw guts and flesh being taken from Glenn by the walkrs. It´s clear that how the scene was shot it gives the illusion, or at least plants the seed of wether it is Glenn´s flesh and guts, or is it Nicholas who fell on top of Glenn? Well played TWD, well played.
Then the camera moved away and gave us another cliffhanger on Rick getting in trouble with the walkers.

So, let´s try to answer this not so simple question: Is Steven Yeun´s Glenn Dead on The Walking Dead?


Is Steven Yeun´s character Glenn Dead on The Walking Dead

Let´s take a look at the optimistic signs on Why Glenn is Alive:

1- He´s freaking Glenn! He´s come out alive from some serious trouble before. Maybe not this huge a horde, but nevertheless that gives hope.

2- The Walking Dead Showrunner Scott Gimple said in last week´s Talking Dead that we´ll see Glenn again. He sent Chris Hardwick the following note to be read on the show: “Dear fans of The Walking Dead, this is a hard story to tell, and when we were planning to tell it, we know our friends at The Walking Dead would be talking to you about it, and we knew we should say something about it, lest our silence say something we didn’t mean to say or not say. So I’ll say this: In some way, we will see Glenn, some version of Glenn, or parts of Glenn again, either in flashback, or in the current story, to help complete the story.”

3- Glenn did not appear during the “In Memoriam” weekly segment that Talking Dead does about the deceased on each episode.

4- Even though Glenn is already dead in the comic book series, the show has established that this show is based on the comics, but changing a lot and evolving into its own universe.

5- Maggie is going to go out and look for Glenn maybe as soon as next episode.

6- Steven Yeun has been spotted on premises while the show was filming with characters that are yet to appear. (But as we saw in the Morgan centered episode, there is a lot of flashbacks).

Now let´s take a look at the pessimistic signs on why Glenn is Dead:

1- He was unarmed, on the floor, beneath a body, and surrounded by walkers. That is what most people would call a tough spot to be in.

2- Steven Yeun was dropped from The Walking Dead Credits last episode. Yes, I know, I know, it may be some detail the showrunners did to throw us off, but anyways it hurts.

3- Looking back at what Scott Gimple said, we will see Glenn again, “some version of Glenn”. Does that mean Glenn walker version? Flashback Glenn version? Pizza Delivery Guy Glenn version? Pre-Apocalypse Glenn? too many different Glenns possible and only one is Alive and Safe Glenn. Odds are Glenn´s dead on The Walking Dead.

4- Even though there are two different universes in the Comic Books and the Show, it is still a slight difference between one and the other. So, Glenn may be dying a different death than the comic books, but a death nonetheless.

5- Losing everyone and everything will mean new searches for the character of Maggie. Often there are casualtieswhen the story needs to keep digging.

6- This is The Walking Dead, and the show hasn´t shied away from killing off characters. Even big ones. After all, this is a zombie apocalypse and the only believable thing is that there are casualties. At this point the only characters I´d guarantee will live beyond the end of the season are six: Rick, Carl, Daryl, Carol, Maggie and Judith.

In Conclusion: Is Glenn Dead or Alive on The Walking Dead?

One thing is for sure in my mind: We won´t see a Walker version of Glenn. That would be the most unbelieveable in my opinion. Because if indeed the walkers were feasting on him, he´d be meat and not be able to turn. So I´m discarding that possibility.

I can´t seem to find any scenario in which Glenn makes it by rolling beneath the trashcan or anything like that; but maybe there could be a new character added to save him somehow, the way that Morgan saved Daryl and Aaron when there was no way out?

My bet is that we see Glenn in the form of flashbacks to complete the tale of his story. My bet is Glenn is indeed dead on The Walking Dead. But I´m hoping I´m wrong.

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