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Guillermo Paz onto Reality Shows
Guillermo Paz onto Reality Shows
Lee WOW......... Incredible, the American Dream or "SPOILED ROTTEN KIDS". Watched the show this evening I couldn't believe the "SELFISHNESS" of there brat kids. Watching the children "whining and crying" about the possibility of having to move to a different house. And them to see them all with there cell phones. The one daughter with a NEW CAR. End the madness, what part of the word FAMILY don't they understand here. These brats don't care what is happening and all they care about is them selfs. Todd and Laura shake your head and bottom line this. You need to CUT CUT CUT... and your children need to know that a HOME and FOOD on the table is more important them a flipping cell or a Dinner out on reg bases. I wonder what will it take to really "DOWNSIZE" this SPOILED FAMILY" HOMELESSNESS?
denice dewberry the mother of this show is getting on my last nerve, stop trying to be your kids friend!!! be the mother, i agree with your husband if the kids screw up give them consquences, this will make them better adults!!!!! stop spoiling them or they will live with you for the rest of thier lives, still babies in big bodies!!!!