New episodes are coming from two of WeTV hit shows, as Downsized and The Locator.

November 27th and December 4th back to back episodes of both shows will premiere.

On November 27th at 9pm ET/PT, A new Downsized episode premieres, where Laura cuts the cable TV and howls of protest ensue. Meanwhile, Heather comes up with an idea to increase Todd’s visibility by using the Internet.  But will “creative differences” turn this video dream into a nightmare for Heather?  Meanwhile, Laura concentrates on a new money making venture, a family housecleaning business!  Todd, Rex and Levi are working on a patio project for a client, but where’s Dylan?  Not shy about expressing his disdain for physical labor: “working for Todd sucks!”  Dylan could be in for big trouble as Todd has to abandon work to search for him.

Then, at 10pm ET/PT, on a premiere for The Locator, we meet Kelly, who was told when she was six years old that she and her brother were adopted.  Despite growing up in a loving home with her adoptive parents, Kelly could never get over the feeling that she was missing a part of her identity without her birth mother.  Her adoptive mother was supportive of the search, but after losing her to cancer at an early age, Kelly was more determined than ever to find her birthmother for a second chance at a mother/daughter relationship.  After running into numerous legal roadblocks, she turns to Troy to help reunite her with the mom she’s never known.

A week later, for the following episodes, on December 4th at 9pm ET/PT, Downsized comes with a new original episode, After having balance issues on a hike with Todd, Laura is scared that her Multiple Sclerosis may be progressing – a change that would be devastating both to her and to her family.  Rex is teased by his siblings when they find out he has a crush on Whitney’s friend, Shania, and his sisters all give him advice on how to ask her out.  Meanwhile, on the financial front, Todd tells the family they’ve been doing better with spending and Whitney saves them further money by cutting everyone’s hair.

Finally, at 10pm ET/PT, on The Locator all new episode,  When Bridget’s father died, she lost the chance to connect with her half-sister Sara, who she met only once.  Bridget would love to find Sara for her grandmother’s sake, but more than anything, to satisfy her own curiosity about her father’s family.  With the holidays and her annual family gathering approaching, Bridget hopes Troy can help her find Sara in time for the event.

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