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Guillermo Paz onto Drama
Navy Submariner I completely disagree with the lady above although she has a right to her opinion. The Last Resort was crap. The show was aimed at 18-49 year olds, most of this demographic are US Navy Submariners active duty who do this stuff for a living. Just like most military TV Shows/ Movies, this one was dedicated to depict the lives of US Submariners and show a story based on what they go through. What it actually did was piss off 95% of submariners in the US Navy because of the complete inaccuracy of the show. There were many petitions written by active duty Submariners to have this show cancelled or pulled off. I will give any show 3 episodes to catch me to see if it is worth watching, but I was completely turned off by the first episode that I watched. Not because of the acting or the cinematography, but the story itself, and the "crew" of the submarine. Show and script writers get these great ideas that look great on paper, but don't actually think it would be a good idea to actually make. As a submariner, I am glad this show was pulled.
angie armstrong of course another great show being cancelled by abc. the network has so many good shows but they are the worst at cancelling them to soon. i don't understand why they can't give their shows a chance to find an audience. it could have become the next lost with lots of adventures, but they gave up to soon!!
Guillermo Paz onto Drama
TV shows for men Nice interview with Andre Braugher.He is a good actor and I've seen some of his movies and I admire his acting talents.Thanks for sharing.
Tammy Andre Braugher is an amazing actor. He takes things to a whole new level, and he’s part of the reason I watch Last Resort. A friend I work with at DISH first turned me on to his acting, and now I’m hooked. I have the entire season of Last Resort set to record on my Hopper, which has plenty of memory to save everything, just so I can re-watch his performances. This was a great interview, too. It’s interesting to know his talent for monologues comes from Shakespearian training. I’m going to have to watch a few of his other shows and see if I can pick out his Shakespearian influences in those as well.