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Guillermo Paz onto Drama
The complete list of renewed shows for 2011 season [...] Secret Life of the American Teenager renewed for fourth season by ABC Family [...]
Blah I loved the first seasons but gave up on the latest one after 3 episodes, I lost all interest in the characters and the show became more of a sex education lesson than entertainment. It definitely wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if it got cancelled.
Guillermo Paz onto Drama
Hannah ok just saying here but ummm...alot of people like this show and alot of people dont if you dont like it dont watch it because the people want to watch it has a right to cause it is a good show it might be a bad for some teenagers to watch but some ways you can learn alot from it just saying i mean if you dont like it then dont watch it and shut up about it that all i gotta say!!!
FUK U ABC FAMILY secret life of an american teenager sucks. they cant say an entire sentence without saying sex. abc family only cares about the money. BRING KYLE XY BACK BITCHES!