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Guillermo Paz onto Reality Shows
Doug Heinsohn We have a new style golf course and trademarked game way out in the country south of Nashville, TN and can't get reliable internet connections. Please send me the snail mail address for Mark Burnett's SHARK TANK and I will mail in an application, photos, and an explanatory CD. We watch your show every Friday and love it! Thanks, Doug Heinsohn
LBJ This is the by far the best of the Burnett reality shows. Much faster moving than Survivor and it shows more about the realities of business than the Apprentice. If you have ever considered, or even dreamed, about creating a business, then this show is a must see.
Guillermo Paz onto Breakout Kings, Drama, Sitcoms
Borgias Casting News: Holliday Grainger joins as Lucrezia Borgia and Lotte Verbeek as Guilia Farnese [...] Borgia premiere is getting closer and closer, imagine how close it is, it appears on this week´s must watch on TV. [...]
Guillermo Paz onto Action, Drama, Sitcoms
Best Quotes and Spoilers from Breakout Kings S01E04 – Out of the Mouths of Babes [...] had Breakout Kings on the Must Watch List for last week, and I have it again for this week. And deservedly so. In last night´s episode of Breakout Kings, [...]
Guillermo Paz onto Reality Shows
xentelworker I'm not sure how many people watch canadian content, but we have a long running show with the same concept in Canada called Dragons Den. Both Kevin and Robert appear in that show aswell making big deals with innovative people
TC Yaaaaay! I am so happy to hear that they are bringing it back. It was one of the best competitive-reality shows on TV. If they try to cancel them again... Move to OWN! (I'm sure Oprah would love the concept)
Guillermo Paz onto Reality Shows
Mary ellen hampshire I''m trying to conferm that your show Will b at 2023 washington ave. IN philadelphia on saterday may 12, 2013. From 10 am to 5pm. Is this true. N if so am i able to just walk IN an share My invention with you. Please let me know.
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