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Guillermo Paz onto Reality Shows
Guillermo Paz onto Documentary, Reality Shows
Harley Atteberry Television programming started out as transferred radio variety shows to television. Shows such as Texaco Star Theater got their start on radio and was one of the first US television hits in the late 1940s..
Guillermo Paz onto Reality Shows
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Guillermo Paz onto Reality Shows
Casonia sade Logenberry of Seattle washington and every one in there cold hard world..Have a great day and enjoy and take care of each other and say Hello and wish people well and smile just one time aday and thank goodness for people that are Good and st I used to watch the undercover Boss and really liked it and one day went to turn it on and it was not on...I like the fact that other people take the time to see how other people suffer on the job and...Also love the fact that the Boss really cares and has a Heart and...Really respect the other persons feelings and wants and needs and when I see that show...I feel happy about some one who opens there heart and soul and mind and pocket and...Also the care and pride some one takes on there job and...What is so very nice when some one shows everything they know and really push the work and the Boss can't handle the work and to see them out of Breath and tired at the end of the day is real good Realty and that really makes me happy to a large degree and also when some one does not care or respect or not concern is a whole nother issue and...What is so nice about that is learning about other people who have no care and lazy and has no concern for others and really who hurts the business is fantastic and...When some one is cold and heartless and mean and soul-less is good to gather understanding but what ever happened to the show and wish you would not move that show around...It is a good show and really enjoyed it and often cried at the end...Because some one cares and they are being kind and giving at the end and it makes me feel really good and makes the world Human to me on so many levels and that is what got me into watching the show and that is what held my attention but what happened to the show? It was gone just like that and it is frustrating to really enjoy a show and all of a sudden not there is really supper hard and frustrating...I love to cry with some one who moves my emotions and makes me feel there soul.
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